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   Chapter 364 Shock

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After a day's treatment, Zachary felt that he had recovered enough, so he left the system.

After getting out of the system, he went back to the place where he had fought the Dragon-headed Lizard only to find some parts of the beast's body as if it had been dismembered. Obviously, it had been eaten by other martial beasts passing by. Despite being an elite martial beast, it had eventually become food for other martial beasts.

Zachary wanted to know who saved him. He checked the body of the Dragon-headed Lizard and found the same shocking claw prints he had found on many martial beasts before.

He then released the power of the Dog Soul Ring. After searching the auras around, he was sure that whoever saved him was a warrior and the owner of the strange aura he had tracked before.

Zachary had been out for three days. Now it was time to return to the camp.

As soon as Zachary arrived at the camp, Jimmy walked up to him and asked, "Buddy, where have you been?"

"I went to do something for Master Willis." Zachary made up an excuse.

"Really?" Jimmy was stunned.

"Has something happened?" Zachary asked.

"No, but you have to be careful. I heard that Charley is looking everywhere for you," Jimmy answered.

"Thanks. I will." After patting Jimmy on the shoulder, Zachary went to see Willis.

"There you are. I thought you were not coming back," Willis said coldly.

"I met an accident, so I came back late," Zachary responded.

"Did you make any breakthrough?" Willis asked.

"Yes, I did. Thank you for asking." Zachary nodded.

"Go get some rest then," Willis said and then waved Zachary off.

Zachary then went back to his tent and entered the system.

He was just one step away from the Imperial Level, so he wasted no time to draw the lottery with treasure-hunting coins. Fortunately, he had good luck. Using five hundred treasure-hunting coins, he got a Cultivation Boosting Pill of King Level. He was much luckier than last time.

He was never a greedy man. This very pill was enough to bring him to the ninth grade of King Level. He also knew that it was not that easy to reach the Imperial Level, so there

into a tree. He fell on the ground like a broken doll. Silence fell.

"Leave and keep your lives, or stay and end up like him," Zachary declared, suddenly appearing.

The disciples only felt a strong power coming at them, and they trembled.

"Kill him!" Charley ordered, his dark eyes blazing with anger and vengeance. He did not expect Zachary to launch an attack first.

Soon, all the disciples, except Charley and the four flanking him, rushed toward Zachary's direction.

"Wild Kick!"

"Devouring Fist!"

"Incessant Palm!"

More than a dozen martial arts were unleashed at once. Martial energy filled the air and rushed to Zachary.

Zachary fiercely stomped his left foot and began drawing a circle with his hands.

Then, the whole space seemed to stop. Only Zachary was still moving his hands. In a heartbeat, a dozen vortexes appeared.

Then, something astonishing happened. When the martial arts collided with the vortexes, they were bounced back toward the disciples who unleashed them.

The disciples were dumbfounded. They did not know what sort of martial art Zachary used to do this.

Charley and the four disciples at the primary stage of King Level looked at one another in confusion.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bounced attacks cut through the many disciples at the premium stage of Heaven Level like a dagger through paper. Those who managed to avoid the strikes were left flustered and frightened.

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