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   Chapter 363 immune To Toxins

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"Is there any way to detoxify me?" Zachary questioned immediately.

"Yes, there is. But you will need to make the antidote. Unfortunately, we don't have enough materials now. Besides, it takes some time to make the antidote," Mimi quickly answered.

"Then we are running out of choices," Zachary dejectedly exclaimed as he worriedly furrowed his eyebrows. Obviously, he was in danger. If he couldn't remove the poison and detoxify himself as soon as possible, he wouldn't be able to escape.

"There is another way," Mimi blurted out.

"What is it? Say it," Zachary urged at once. Her sudden outburst made him feel a spark of hope.

"If you enter the bloodthirsty state and the martial beast instinct wholly dominates your mind, maybe you will be immune to toxins. But you should know that your memory will suffer. You will completely lose your mind. If you can't close your Energy-absorbing Acupoint in time, the consequences will be unimaginably terrible."

"It's better than being killed by this monster! I will do this," he mumbled under his breath. And without wasting another second, he immediately stopped employing the God-slaying Formula. And soon, he turned down the Holy Bone Bracer.

The beast's violent energy filled Zachary's body like an arrow from a bow and began running wildly. And soon, the beast instinct completely engulfed Zachary's mind. His original purple eyes turned into the color of red. His gentle face grew ferocious like that of a beast. To describe him now, he had shifted into something quite fierce and bloodthirsty.

While his conscious mind was entirely dominated by the beast instinct, Zachary had subsequently entered the bloodthirsty state. His arms and legs finally recovered from the anesthesia in a flash. And he burst out the martial energy, consequently, he had already broken free from the restraint of the Dragon-headed Lizard. At this time, he had lost his mind altogether and solely behaved by mere instinct. Staring at the Dragon-headed Lizard, he could sense that he was now considering the beast to be his prey.

On the other side, the Dragon-headed Lizard angrily whined when it recognized that Zachary was immune to its venom. Of course, it would unquestionably not let its prey run away like that. It instantly turned into a green shadow and rushed towards Zachary in no time.

Zachary surprisingly showed no sign of weakness as he skilfully waved his sword. Like the Dragon-headed Lizard, he didn't waste time as he stood his ground and began fighting fiercely with it.

In terms of strength, the Dragon-headed Lizard was a lot much more powerful compared with Zachary. So even though he was immune to its poison, he was at a disadvantage facing the mighty beast. It was visible that the gap between their strength was way too large. Time flew, and soon he was covered all over with wounds.

But at any rate, the longer they fought, the more courageous Zachary became. He charged towards the Dragon-headed Lizard like a hungry beast over and over again.

It was precisely four hours that had passed in a twinkling, and Zachary, who was in the state of bloodthirsty, was wholly covered with blood all over his body. However, this time, it was not the blood of the martial beast, but his blood. There were dozens of ugly wounds all over

is eyes shut, he tried hard to recall again, but still, he could not figure out a name of who might have possibly provided timely help to him. Shaking his head, he dropped all the mental impressions nagging him. He had something more urgent to take care of for the time being. 'Never mind! I will surely figure it out when the time comes, ' he mused inwardly.

"Your wounds are very serious, but the internal injuries are not that severe. So, as long as you take the rest on the Ice Jade Bed for two days, you will be able to recover in no time," Anne explained thoughtfully.

"I see," Zachary replied simply while he simultaneously channeled his strength. Soon surprise engulfed him when he found that his force had already broken through to the eighth grade of King Level. That was generous of significant progress.

"You are lucky. You have already improved by three grades in a mere two days. It seems that you must have tried your best to achieve that. I originally thought you would only last one day at most," she said, the meaning of the words more seriously than they sounded. She was so pleased with his excelling progress.

"Ha-ha. I'm kind of feeling flattered," Zachary countered with a smug smile on his face.

"I'm not going to say that you are safe to search the depths of the Burial Abyss with your current strength. But you can give it a try at the least. However, even if you find the mysterious treasure beast, I'm afraid it won't be easy for you to pass the trial," Anne added after a moment's reflection. She knew very well that people couldn't pass Tania's trials, and she was also worried that Zachary would lose his life because of trying too hard. But she would not prevent him after all this hardship he had gone through.

"Let me find it first. As for what would happen after that, I am not one hundred sure about my strength as well. Even if I can't pass the trial, I still have you to assist me at any time. Master Anne, I know you will help me," Zachary prodded, acting shamelessly despite his sorry state.

"Take good care of yourself. That is your priority for the time being," Anne merely said in a seemingly angry tone before she turned around and left.

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