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   Chapter 361 Explosive Mysterious Claw

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"Why?" Zachary asked curiously.

"You can quickly enhance your strength through this shortcut by opening up the Energy-absorbing Acupoint, which is a warrior's core source of martial energy control. It's hidden deep inside one's body and it's a taboo acupoint, so it's not easy to open up. Once the Energy-absorbing Acupoint is opened up, it will allow you to absorb any power between heaven and earth freely and make it your own, including the essential energy of heaven and earth, warriors' martial energy, and the strength of martial beasts. So, if one opens up the Energy-absorbing Acupoint, they could improve their strength in a short period of time through absorbing all kinds of power. Anyway, it will impact your body immensely. You must be strong enough to withstand the effects. Otherwise, you will either spiral into madness or be annihilated completely. According to past experience, it's impossible to close the Energy-absorbing Acupoint when opened a second time. So you only have one chance," Anne said seriously.

"Really? Then it will be a pity if I use the shortcut too soon." Zachary could not help hesitating, but he really needed to improve his strength as soon as possible.

"You should think about it carefully," Anne reminded.

"I'm done thinking. I'll do it," Zachary snapped. He did not have time to think. He just wanted to finish everything he needed to do.

"The Energy-absorbing Acupoint can only stay open for forty-eight hours. If you exceed that limit, you may not be able to close it," Anne warned.

"So I have two days at most." Zachary narrowed his eyes.

"That's right. In two days, how much you can improve your strength will greatly depend on your efforts. Also, you have to come back here to close the Energy-absorbing Acupoint before the time limit and before your physical body collapses. Otherwise, even I won't be able to save you," Anne explained.

"I understand. I'll go get ready." With that, Zachary left the Living-dead Tomb.

Getting out of the system, Zachary went to the camp immediately to look for Willis. Willis was lying on his

his Holy Bone Bracer suddenly glowed. In a heartbeat, the huge claw shadow turned into streaks of light that were sucked into the Holy Bone Bracer.

Everyone present was stunned by what just happened. They had no idea how Zachary had broken Charley's martial skill at the medium stage of King Level.

Rage turned Charley's face into wild crimson. He did not expect that his martial skill could be broken so easily by Zachary. Charley made a fool of himself in front of everyone. He would not tolerate it.

Charley charged at Zachary once again. Zachary did not bother hiding his strength. He emitted the aura at King Level.

"King Level! He has the strength at the King Level!" Everyone watched with wide eyes as Zachary displayed his power.

Zachary didn't fight his opponent head-on. In the blink of an eye, he brushed past Charley and then stopped behind him.

Charley was stunned. Everything just happened so fast that didn't have time to react. When he turned, he saw Zachary heading toward the camp's gates.

"Where do you think you're going, brat?" Charley yelled at Zachary and ran after him. He thought that Zachary wanted to take the opportunity to slip away.

He then heard some slashing sounds and found himself standing in the midst of his cut-up clothes as if somebody had sliced his clothing into little ribbons from his body while leaving his skin intact and unscathed.

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