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   Chapter 358 Wrath Wave Thorn

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"Enough! We will both lose if the Black Demonic Bug escapes!" Michael growled at Tyson.

"Then I might as well beat the hell out of you," Tyson hissed. He was sure he would not let Michael have what he wanted anyway.

Michael's face darkened, and he glared at Tyson. His martial energy suddenly surged. He took the opportunity to push Tyson away with the impact of his martial energy and then rushed toward the Black Demonic Bug. His martial energy gathered at this right fist, and swirled before it charged forward.

"Soil Stone Seal!" Stones flew into the air, and dust gathered and rushed to the Black Demonic Bug. In a heartbeat, the bug was placed in an earthen seal with only its black iron head exposed.

Michael cackled with satisfaction. He wasted no time in sending his shining black fist shooting into the air, leaving a trail of tremendous energy and billowing dust. It seemed to pierce through everything. It was a unique skill at the premium stage of King Level.

"Wrath Wave Thorn!"

Seeing this, all the disciples knew that Michael was going to kill the Black Demonic Bug.

However, in a flash like lightning, a ghost-like figure suddenly appeared in front of the Black Demonic Bug. The figure stood in front of the bug, as if to announce to everyone present that no one could take the bug away from him.

"Huh!" the figure growled. With the figure's flick of a wrist, a huge palm shadow collided with Michael's strike. The impact was so great that Michael was sent flying a few meters back. It created an enormous dust cloud and a blinding flash of light.

All the disciples present were shocked. They could not believe that someone was able to shatter Michael's attack straight on.

What was more astonishing was that Michael's energy wave was devoured completely. Before Michael could react, the figure had turned and aimed at the Black Demonic Bug. Then, the figure turned into a frightening ghost hand. The ghost hand was blue all over like a monster's arm. It came down to cover the Black Demonic Bug wholly, and dazzling blue light shone in all directions.

At the same t

ones we collected would be taken away, so we hid," Jimmy said helplessly.

"It's just a few stones. They are not that important. How many in total do you have?" Zachary asked.

"Forty-two," Jimmy responded.

"How many should each of you collect to complete the task?" Zachary asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Normally five will be enough. But if we want to win, I'm afraid we need more," Jimmy answered.

"Then let's hand ten stones in to Mater Willis. Each of you can take five. I'll keep the rest." Zachary assigned without hesitation.

Jimmy and the three Earth Level disciples did not disagree. In fact, they were happy because not only could they complete the task but also take five Mysterious Dark Stones each for free. They gained more than they deserved. It was a profit. One Mysterious Dark Stone was worth 20, 000 or 30, 000 gold coins, and with five Mysterious Dark Stones, the amount of gold coins they could earn was enormous, which could help them make a small fortune. Of course they also knew that Zachary should take all the credit, so they were totally okay with the way Zachary divided the Mysterious Dark Stones.

"The three of you, take your share and leave. Remember not to tell anyone about this, okay?" Zachary told the three disciples at the Earth Level.

The three Earth Level disciples nodded and happily took their Mysterious Dark Stones with them before they left.

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