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   Chapter 357 Tyson

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"Tyson, do you really need me to say it? Besides myself, you are the only one who is capable of killing the Black Demonic Bug with a single blow. You have nothing to worry about. Don't you have confidence in yourself?" Michael said, squinting at Tyson.

"You kidding?" Tyson laughed. In an instant, the aura at the peak of King Level exploded, and the energy surged.

Michael told the people behind him, "Although we've forced the Black Demonic Bug to hide behind the stone flower, it will be difficult to find if it escapes. We can't let it get into the ground."

The crowd bellowed their agreement.

"Go!" At the order, the disciples rushed to the stone flower.

A shrill, deafening scream erupted from the stone flower. Then, an elephant-like beast appeared behind it. Its six giant legs stood straight like pillars and supported its body in midair. It was dark in color and had a pair of black wings on its back. It looked like a beetle or a giant turtle carrying a cluster of stone flowers. It was ugly, but its strength of the Imperial Level was enough to shake everyone to their core.

Above the beast's head, a palm-sized stone flashed with dark golden light. It was the Dark Golden Stone.

"It's a martial beast at the first grade of Imperial Level. No wonder so many people are sent to deal with it," Zachary, who was hiding in the dark, sighed. He waited patiently to see what would happen.

Even though the Black Demonic Bug was a martial beast of Imperial Level, it was nothing compared to the previous Hundred-Treasure Beast. Zachary knew that he did not have to deal with it. He just had to wait and see.

The disciples grew more excited at the sight of the Dark Golden Stone. They surrounded the Black Demonic Bug and displayed their martial arts.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Exploding sounds were heard, and smoke filled the air.

However, the Black Demonic

ht that he already got the Dark Golden Stone in the bag.

But Tyson would not let him. If the Dark Golden Stone was not his, then it would not be Michael's either. Tyson gritted his teeth and went after Michael. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Michael forcefully.

Michael was surprised to see Tyson grabbing him despite his injury. He dealt a punch with his fist again. All of a sudden, Tyson's martial energy burst out and collided with Michael's shining fist with a deafening noise.

The battle came to a deadlock once again.

Seeing this, the other disciples looked at one another in surprise. The Black Demonic Bug stirred and was about to jump up again. If they did not strike now, they would probably lose their chance.

Many disciples could not resist the temptation of the Dark Golden Stone. With Michael and Tyson engaged in a fight, they rushed to the Black Demonic Bug and tried to kill it.

However, the Black Demonic Bug suddenly rolled over, spread its black wings, and started spinning like a top, sending all that charged at it flying in different directions.

Then, the Black Demonic Bug retreated into the crater again. It was going to successfully escape this time.

"It's time," Zachary murmured and disappeared.

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