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   Chapter 356 Black Demonic Bug

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Jimmy and the three disciples at the Earth Level glanced at each other helplessly and continued digging.

After another hour, the hole they dug had reached three meters deep and one meter wide. They eyed the five or six tunnels that had appeared in the hole.

By this time, Zachary opened his eyes as if he knew the progress that they had made. He stood up and walked to the crater to peek at their work. "Well done, guys. You can climb up now."

After the four disciples climbed up, Zachary took out the Beast-alluring Dew from his pocket and dripped a single drop in the large crater.

Jimmy and the other three disciples were confused, but were too tired to ask what he was doing. Instead, they all sat down to rest. Meanwhile, Zachary sat with them silently as if he was waiting for something. But soon, they felt the ground beneath their feet began to rumble, as if something was about to come out. They looked at each other and realized that they were equally confused. Their heads swiveled to Zachary, who had walked to the huge crater and was now staring at it with a pleased smile on his face.

They ran towards him, about to ask him what was happening, when the scene in front of them made them pause. They gaped in surprise at the unexpected scene.

Numerous palm-sized Mysterious Stone Crabs were gathering into the huge crater as if they were attracted by something. They were coming from the various paths that circled the huge crater.

Jimmy and the other disciples stood speechless and astonished as more and more Mysterious Stone Crabs gathered. This was the first time that they saw such a large number of Mysterious Stone Crabs. Zachary stood calmly beside them as he watched the crabs emerge from the tunnels one by one.

After about fifteen minutes, Zachary figured that the number was enough. He used his Ghost Palm to explode the huge crater and immediately knocked out the gathered Mysterious Stone Crabs.

"Jimmy, go and count how many Mysterious Stone Crabs we have!" Zachary ordered.

Still bewildered, Jimmy shook away his thoughts and promptly jumped down the crater to count the knocked out beasts.

"How many?" Zachary's voice echoed from above.

"More than forty..." Jimmy stuttered and almost swallowed his tongue. He licked his dried lips as he stood in front of the Mysterious Stone Crabs. He still couldn't believe how many there were.

The collection of Mysterious Dark Stones was a routine contest and involved a lot of luck on the winner's part. Generally speaking, one could capture four or five Mysterious Stone Crabs in two days at th

ought to himself, 'Isn't this Dark Golden Stone the treasure that I am looking for?' It seemed that he was not the only one who was interested in the Dark Golden Stone.

Thankful that he finally seemed to find a good lead, he followed the disciples into a wide tunnel which was wider than all the others he'd seen. He followed inside as they walked the straight hallway until finally, a strange scene appeared in front of him. At the end of the tunnel, there was a huge black stone flower formed by an unknown special ore. It shone brightly in the dim light of the tunnel.

More than ten teams had gathered around it. All of them had varying strengths above the premium stage of Heaven Level while the strongest two teams were led by Michael and Tyson.

"Are these people enough?" Michael asked as he looked around at the people that gathered.

"Michael, now that we summoned many people to catch the Black Demonic Bug, there is only one Dark Golden Stone. What are you planning to do?" Tyson looked intently at Michael. His arms were bulging and intimidating as he crossed them over his chest.

"You know, I am always fair. Whoever kills the Black Demonic Bug gets the Dark Golden Stone! How about that?" Michael announced to the group. Those who heard it enthusiastically nodded as they planned how they could kill the beast. Meanwhile, Tyson noticed that despite the announcement, Michael did not even look at him. In fact, his voice was quieter than normal as if he forced himself to say it.

"What you said sounds good, but why do you sound so uneasy?" Tyson said critically. He wore a fake smile on his face as he stared at Michael intensely. It was obvious to Tyson that Michael had no plans to keep his promise.

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