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   Chapter 354 The Personal Disciple

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"Shut up!" Michael exclaimed, glaring at Charley with his gloomy eyes.

"Then I'll go now," Zachary said. Although he did not know why Michael let him go, he just laughed and walked out of the tent. He found Jimmy standing outside.

"Are you all right?" Jimmy sighed in relief, seeing Zachary safe and sound.

"Of course I am. How can I be hurt? Why are you here?" Zachary replied. Of course he had guessed that Jimmy was the reason why Michael let him go.

"Master Tracy's here. She wants to see you. You should thank her for coming. If it weren't for her, you might have..." Jimmy murmured.

"Oh, perfect timing as always!" Zachary exclaimed. He walked to the camp with Jimmy.

It was not long before Zachary reached the camp. In front of so many disciples, he walked to Tracy.

"My master, you are finally here. I thought you've forgotten about me. I know I did something wrong, but I've already realized my fault. Please forgive me. I know you love me the most," Zachary declared loudly, making sure everyone around heard him.

All the disciples were shocked to hear Zachary's words.

"His master? You have accepted him as your personal disciple?" Willis asked Tracy, fixing his eyes on her.

The Shura College did not forbid the masters to accept personal disciples privately, so masters usually accepted a few disciples they liked as their personal disciples to educate them with more focus. But everybody knew that Tracy had never accepted a personal disciple. That was why what Zachary said deeply surprised Willis and all the disciples.

Tracy rolled her eyes at Zachary. She knew that he must have his own intention in calling her his master in public, and it was easy to figure out what his intention was. On a normal day, she would deny it without hesitation, but looking at him at the moment, she decided to neither confirm nor deny his words.

In the eyes of the disciples, Tracy's non-response was equal to tacit consent. They thought that Zachary was really her apprentice. Even Willis took a few more glances at he

refining level and reached the King Level.

He had planned to upgrade the Illusory Dragon Spine, too, but due to its great potential, it required rare and precious materials every time it was upgraded. It was difficult to collect such materials. They were almost the same as the materials needed to make Andrew's physical body. He could buy most of the materials from Anne, but they were extremely expensive, so he decided to try and collect the materials himself. If all else failed, he would exchange treasure-hunting coins for the materials he needed with Anne.

He had also practiced his energy fire with double elements smoothly. He had especially mastered the energy fire with the wood element, which he had employed to cast some weapons he could use when exploring the Ghost-crying Forest. These weapons saved him a lot of trouble.

He had also cast dual swords for himself, which could be used in accordance with the Lady Swordsmanship. Overall, everything went as planned.

The only thing upsetting him was the mysterious treasure beast that Tania was looking for. He had not found a clue about it and felt helpless.

All the disciples in Willis' team, including Zachary, gathered in the camp. The disciples looked ready to fight because their monthly competition was going to take place today. Every disciple was eager to compete with one another.

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