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   Chapter 353 Out Of Danger

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6686

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Michael trembled in fury and said to Zachary, "You're a bold guy. You just arrived in the Dark Prison a few days ago, but you have already hurt my men. You should know who I am in the Dark Prison. I offer you two choices. One is to break one of your legs and apologize to us and you will be spared. After all, you're still a newcomer to the Dark Prison. Your sudden disappearance will be hard for us to explain to Master Willis." He broke out a sinister smile.

"What's the other choice?" Zachary asked with raised eyebrows.

"Well, they will help you if you can't do that yourself. But you know, they have no concept of degree. They might not stop after breaking your leg," Michael said, gesturing at the King Level disciples next to him.

They immediately flashed a sinister, bloodthirsty expression on their faces.

"What if I choose neither?" Zachary asked calmly.

"Then I'm afraid that's choosing death." Michael waved his hand, and the flap of the tent was immediately put down. The remaining disciples in the tent surrounded Zachary.

Zachary looked around and found himself in a nearly impossible situation. Besides Michael himself, the several disciples surrounding him were at the premium stage of King Level. It would not be an easy feat to get out of the tent.

"You'd better think twice, boy. Otherwise, today is the date of your death," Michael said menacingly.

A sinister smile flashed across Charley's face. He gathered that Zachary was doomed this time.

Zachary furrowed his eyebrows. He would not accept either choice that Michael offered him. He was definitely in great danger because he knew that Michael would not let him go easily.

The atmosphere inside the tent got more and more tense with every passing second.

At the same moment, a graceful and charming figure suddenly appeared outside the Dark Prison's camp, attracting the attention of all the disciples.

"It's Master Tracy! She is the most attractive female master in the Shura College."


hey would not dare provoke Michael by entering his tent while he taught Zachary a lesson.

"Me. Let me go call him." A voice rang from the crowd. Jimmy forced his way through.

"Thank you. Hurry up then," Willis ordered.

Jimmy quickly ran toward Michael's tent as if he had just received an edict to save his friend.

The atmosphere was already very tense in Michael's tent.

Obviously, Zachary had no intention of making any choice, so Michael soon ran out of patience. He nodded at the disciples who surrounded Zachary.

The disciples had been eager to fight for a while. They stepped forward one by one, circling around Zachary like vultures over a carcass. Zachary took a deep breath and braced himself.

Just as they were about to fight, a disciple rushed inside the tent. He walked quickly to Michael and whispered something in his ear.

The expression on Michael's face changed dramatically. Then, he gazed at Zachary in surprise.

Noticing the strange look on Michael's face, Zachary grew very curious.

"You can go now." To everyone's surprise, Michael waved his hand at Zachary.

The disciples surrounding Zachary were all stunned. They did not understand why Michael suddenly changed his mind.

Charley asked curiously, "Michael, why did you let him go? If we don't kill him today, I'm afraid..."

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