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   Chapter 352 Michael

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"The purpose of the Dark Prison is to train disciples who are sent here, making them reflect on themselves and turn over a new leaf. But as the saying goes, a leopard cannot change its spots. Few people who are sent here actually repent their deeds. It's good enough as long as they don't do anything worse. So what we need is a good example if we expect the disciples to change," Willis explained with a sigh.

"A good example? You weren't referring to Michael, were you?" Zachary asked sarcastically. He had already understood from Jimmy that Michael wasn't as good as he made himself to be. If he was, he wouldn't have allowed Charley to do whatever he wanted.

"You should know that Tyson was my group's former leader. He had made a serious mistake, which was why he was sent here. But he is a righteous, principled man. He never bullied the weak. Under his leadership, my group became the best of the three groups. But ever since Michael defeated him and became the new leader, my group declined rapidly. Michael is a cruel, ruthless brat, and his followers are no better than him. They always bully the weak, taking advantage of Michael's power and influence. As a result, my group has earned a bad reputation, and the other two groups consider us as a laughingstock. I think we need to find a new leader because I hope that someone can bring Michael down!" Willis said bluntly but passionately.

"Whatever it is, I don't think it has anything to do with me," Zachary said, indifferent to the matter.

"That depends on what you will do next. But as far as I can see, you already have a deep grudge against Michael's men even though you've only been here a few days. I believe that you will soon become a thorn in his flesh and he will be eager to get rid of you as soon as possible," Willis said, his eyes glittering, as if he was plotting something.

"So what do you wish me to do?" Zachary asked straightforwardly, knowing well that Willis could demand it of him.

"You can do whatever you want. All you need to do is stir things up. As for what should happen next, just let nature take its course. And don't run about in the middle of the night. Even

chary in tow.

"Buddy, you'd better ask for Tyson's help because I think he appreciates you very much. If you go visit Michael, you might be in great trouble. Michael is well known for his cruelty. When a disciple offended him last time, he sliced his flesh with a knife and threw it to the Ghost-crying Forest to feed the martial beasts in there. Even Master Willis turned a blind eye to his savage act." Jimmy began to try and persuade Zachary the moment they got back to Zachary's tent.

"Really? Sounds awesome! I like him!" Zachary said, smiling calmly.

"Are you all right? It's not a joke. How about I ask Tyson for help?" Jimmy asked worriedly.

"No, thanks," Zachary said, shaking his head.

Before long, he appeared before the two disciples and said, "Lead the way, please."

The two disciples brought him away.

It wasn't long before they arrived at a large tent at the south end of the camp. Compared to the old and worn-out tents scattered around it, this tent was like a luxurious palace. Michael was the leader of Willis' group, after all. It was obvious that he would be treated much better than the rest.

Zachary entered the tent to find Michael sitting in a chair at the center. His fat body filled the entire chair, threatening to spill over. Several King Level disciples stood on either side of him. Charley sat in a corner of the tent, and the moment he saw Zachary come in, his gaze turned sharp and cold.

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