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   Chapter 350 Screams

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The martial beast of King Level roared as it went mad. It grew angry at the sight of Charley and the other five disciples and didn't waste time to attack them. It possessed the strength of King Level. However, excluding Charley, the other five disciples were all at the premium stage of Heaven Level. Therefore, they were immediately thrown into passivity.

Soon, two disciples of the five were seriously injured and couldn't stand to fight anymore; the other three were barely coming out without any scratches.

"You go and take them away first." Noticing the situation was being more and more unfavorable for them, Charley beckoned to the other three disciples.

At his words, the three disciples felt a sense of relief and fled in a hurry along with the other two disciples.

Just then, Charley suddenly sneered. He took out a white ball from his pocket and tossed it on the ground. Smoke soon rose from the ball and instantly engulfed his entire being.

This way, the martial beast lost its target. It roared and began to chase after the five escaped disciples.

After the martial beast had shifted its target and left, Charley walked out of the smoke and chuckled, "They will all get killed."

At the same time, the five disciples who were running all the way noticed a black shadow flashing in front of them. Then they saw a figure sauntering toward them.

"Who the hell are you?" Their eyes were wide in shock at the sight of the figure. But then they realized that he looked no different. He looked just the same as an ordinary disciple.

If people from the Celestial College were present, they would be surprised; the man was none other than Zachary. He was using his own face.

"You all must be very tired from being chased, right?" Zachary asked, squinting at them with his usual smile.

"You led that martial beast of King Level here?" Those disciples were far from stupid. They came to such a conclusion as they sensed Zachary was just making fun of them.

"You people are smarter than I thought." Zachary laughed.

"Hey bastard, who the hell are you? How dare you plot to murder us! If you want to die so badly, I don't mind helping you to fulfill your wish!" one of th

sound, one of the disciple's legs twisted in an instant. At the same time, a piercing scream escaped from his mouth similar to a pig being killed, startling the birds nearby.


In the next moment, he was thrown to the ground. With his arms round his leg, he uttered a heartrending cry and looked miserable.

"I was planning to break your hand, but since you gave me your leg, I decided to break that instead." After casting a glance at the disciple who lost one of his legs, Zachary then turned to look at the other four.

The other four stood there dumbfounded. The disciple in blue was the most powerful one of them, but he lost one of his legs just after a few strokes. They were so frightened that they didn't dare to go a step forward, let alone even think about landing an attack on Zachary.

"Now, it's your turn," Zachary chuckled to the other four disciples.

"Don't... Please... Please spare us. It's entirely our fault. Please forgive us." Fearing that Zachary would break their hands and legs, the four disciples knelt down and began to beg for mercy.

"You wouldn't have become Charley's men if you had realized your past mistakes. Do you think I would believe you now? I have to teach you a lesson, or you will be stubbornly persistent in staying in the wrong!" At these words, Zachary went straight towards the four disciples.

The four of them trembled in fear. After a while, their screams were heard throughout the entire area.

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