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   Chapter 349 The Ghost-crying Forest

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Upon hearing this, everyone looked at the direction where the voice came from and noticed a figure slowly creeping up to them.

"That's... That's Harley! Oh my God! He's still alive!" Jimmy was the first one to get excited to find such great news.

Willis also let out a sigh of relief as the figure was identified.

At the sight of Zachary, Benson, along with the other disciples, couldn't restrain their utter excitement. They could finally put their minds at ease as they didn't have to die.

Seeing Zachary come back alive and in one piece, Charley cursed inwardly and frowned.

"There you are. I was looking all over for you." Zachary frowned after noticing Jimmy and the others.

"Where on earth have you been all this time? Why did you come back so late?" Willis screamed, taking a step forward after each furious question.

"Well, at first I lost touch with them, and then I got lost," Zachary answered nonchalantly.

"What did you say? But Jimmy told me that you got set up by them and that they had sent you to a nest of Buck-toothed Rabbits. Then you suddenly went missing," Willis said, growing strange at such different scenarios being thrown at him.

Upon hearing this, Zachary took a quick glance at Jimmy. He didn't expect that he would tell Willis the whole truth, but he immediately calmed himself down and quickly replied, "Yes, that's true. After I went into the cave, I accidentally alerted those Buck-toothed Rabbits. As I couldn't defeat them, I escaped from another exit, and then I lost touch with Jimmy and the others."

"Is that true?" Willis questioned, squinting his eyes at the man.

Zachary only offered a nod as a response.

"Well, since you're back safe and sound, that's the end of the matter." Willis didn't want to pursue the matter further considering the victim came back in one piece. Then he turned to Benson along with the other disciples and said, "You have gone too far. I know you wanted to bully the newcomer, but you should at least know when to stop. You are excused from death but you can hardly escape from punishment. Your punishment will last one more month. What's more, from tomorrow on, all of your training will be doubled."

All the disciples looked grim, but such a punishment was preferred than death anyway.

"Since you guys failed to hunt the Buck-toothed Rabbits, your training will also be doubled tomorrow. And you are no exception as well!" Willis said as he pointed towards Zachary. He knew how to separate personal and business related issues.

"Oh, I almost forgot t

still acting so stubbornly. All of you, beat him as hard as you can!" Charley shouted to the other disciples.

Some disciples had suffered a loss the last time they fought with Zachary, so they all had been looking for a chance to take revenge. They soon surrounded him, getting ready to fight. However, just as the team was getting ready to attack, Zachary put on a strange smile and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Charley and the other disciples were stupefied before they realized that they had all been fooled by the man. He had never planned to fight them from the very beginning.

"Bastard, I wonder how much further you are able to run!" Of course, Charley would not let go of Zachary that easily.

However, since they didn't know which direction Zachary was heading to, they were divided into four groups, each having at least a King Level disciple leading to chase the other.

Charley headed to the east with five disciples at the premium stage of Heaven Level. As soon as they set out, a ghost-like figure began to follow them.

Charley ran all the way together with the five disciples, but couldn't find any sign of Zachary going in their direction, which only added fuel to the fire. But since the Ghost-crying Forest was very dangerous, they didn't dare to pry deeper. So they decided to return by the way they came and make another plan.

Just then, they heard a beast approaching them from the jungle not far from where they all had been standing. As the leaves shook, a shadow which stood as tall as a wild horse rushed out. At this scene, they retreated in all directions. When they gazed at the shadow properly, they realized that it was a martial beast of King Level.

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