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   Chapter 347 Tyson

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Tyson couldn't help but be stunned at Zachary's audacity. He hadn't expected him to be so bold. But he immediately laughed. "Ha-ha, you are so special. However, you need to remember that my position isn't something that I'll easily give up. If you want to take it, you'll have to be able to command others and have them willingly take orders from you. To you, being a leader might sound cool, but that's not true at all. The position comes with its own responsibilities."

"That's my business. Now it's time for you to make a choice. Don't keep getting sidetracked!" Zachary said, his dark eyes glaring at him.

"Buddy, you just got here. You haven't realized yet how horrific the Dark Prison actually is. You'll learn that soon enough. When you do, you'll certainly change your mind." With that, Tyson left.

"If he is really as righteous as Jimmy said, perhaps I could try to befriend him. But quiet ones are usually the most dangerous. Let's see what he's going to do first." Looking at Tyson's retreating back, Zachary smiled confidently.

Four times the usual amount of training was a snap for Zachary. He was used to taking pleasure in the cultivation quests assigned by the Treasure-hunting System. Not to mention, his cultivation level was above most of the other disciples. That was why he completed the training very quickly and started to take a rest while the others kept drilling.

Sometime later, Willis arrived seemingly half-drunk as he was staggering a little.

"Which team is in charge of tonight's dinner?" Willis yawned and asked, his eyes bleary as if he'd just gotten out of bed.

A dozen disciples, including Jimmy, raised their hands.

"Then you can leave to start preparing it. I am craving Buck-toothed Rabbits, so go out and hunt some. Three rabbits will be enough," Willis ordered. Then he looked at Zachary. "You should team up with them from now on." With that, he stalked off.

"Harley, let's go!" Jimmy called out from behind.

Zachary nodded, and they walked towards the other disciples.

Most of Zachary's new teammates were Charley's men. That was why they tried to stay as far away from him as they could. Zachary could feel them sizing him up like he was some sort of monster. Ji

"But..." Jimmy hesitated. He had witnessed how powerful Zachary was a few days ago. But this wasn't something Zachary was used to, even if he'd reached the Heaven Level. He had no experience with the Buck-toothed Rabbits. If he infuriated them, it would be impossible for him to escape. That would be very dangerous.

However, before Jimmy could warn him again, Zachary had already made his way into the cave. It was wide enough for two people to walk side by side, and it grew wider and wider as Zachary went deeper and deeper.

A few moments later, Zachary reached the chamber at the bottom of the cave, which was about thirty or forty square yards. A dozen beasts were lying there in the middle of the chamber, seemingly asleep. From his viewpoint they looked like boars, with long grey hair, floppy ears, and a pair of sharp teeth sticking forward out of their mouths. It was a pretty monstrous look.

However, before he could get any closer, one of the rabbits suddenly raised its head and gazed at him with its bloodshot eyes. They were full of vigilance and hostility. The rabbit then stood up and roared like a boar.

Awakened by the noise, the other Buck-toothed Rabbits stood up one after another, all staring at Zachary, their grotesque faces more ferocious now.

"Good kids. I'm sorry for waking you up." Zachary shrugged and smiled.

Of course, these Buck-toothed Rabbits were very happy to find new prey and rushed forward to welcome Zachary, their new guest.

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