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   Chapter 344 Jimmy's Warning

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The two disciples came to their senses when they heard Zachary's voice. As they looked up and saw that it really was Zachary, their faces darkened immediately. They stood up with menacing expressions. Peter barked, "Bastard! How dare you disrespect us! Do you know who we are?"

"I don't care who you are," Zachary sneered. He glanced at them in complete indifference.

"You bastard! We work for Charley. You must have a death wish." Peter's face turned stormy.

"Oh, you work for Charley," Zachary drawled. His head cocked to the side as if he just realized something.

"Yeah, so don't be so cocky!" Peter answered. He suddenly looked smug and confident. He probably thought Zachary got scared.

"But who the hell is Charley?" Zachary grinned as he stroked his chin thoughtfully. He barely repressed a laugh when he saw how angry they were getting.

Peter and the other disciple felt their hackles rise. Zachary was obviously making fun of them.

"You are a jerk. I should teach you a lesson," Peter shouted in anger. In his eyes, Zachary's weak aura suggested that he was merely at the Earth Level. Confident in his presumption, he nodded at his companion. The two of them stalked towards Zachary, one on the left and the other on the right.

Of course, Zachary was not afraid of them at all. The most he felt was irritation because they were wasting his time. They weren't even strong enough to test his skills against.

"Fuck off!" Zachary's aura exploded with his martial energy. His opponents could not bear the strong force and were blown away.

They lay on the ground, eyes wide in shock and fear. They did not expect Zachary's strength to be above theirs.

"I just got here and Charley was gracious enough to send you in greeting. I should give him something in return!" Zachary said with a wicked smile.

The two disciples paled even further. Zachary could almost taste the terror and regret that swirled around them.

He stepped closer and closer. Every thud of his steps sounded loud in sharp contrast to the way the two were barely breathing in panic. One last step, and the silence was shattered. In its place were loud terrified screams.

Moments later, one of them had lost an arm while the other had lost a leg. They writhed on the ground, pained whimpers in their throats as Zachary loomed over them.

"Go back and tell Charley not to provoke me, or I will do something worse to him!" Zachary roared at the two disciples.

The two disciples nodd

itive jungle behind the Dark Prison. It was called the Ghost-crying Forest because every night there would be weird sounds like ghosts crying. The martial beasts in the forest were usually at the premium stage of Heaven Level or King Level, much more dangerous than those that occasionally attacked the camp. The Ghost-crying Forest was vast with many mysterious zones. It was said that there were many rare treasures in it but because it was too dangerous, only a small number of disciples dared to explore. Most of them just stayed on the periphery.

The last area was the innermost part of the Burial Abyss. In that part lived martial beasts above the premium stage of King Level, which made it the most dangerous area in the Burial Abyss. Tens of thousands of warriors died and decomposed there, with no one brave enough to retrieve and bury their bodies. The air in that area was always gloomy and cold, and anyone who came close would hear the call of death.

However, although the Burial Abyss was terrifying, it was still the best place to train. The brave and fearless warriors who dared to cultivate here found it much easier to improve their strength than in the Shura College.

So, for Zachary, the Burial Abyss seemed like heaven as opposed to the hell that everyone saw it was.

As they talked, Zachary and Jimmy arrived at the gathering place of the afternoon training. They were in a place about five hundred meters away from the camp. The disciples who were already there had different levels, from the Earth Level to the King Level. They had automatically formed two lines and were silently talking with the disciples adjacent to them.

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