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   Chapter 340 The Heavenly Silk Thread

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"Apart from being shameless, you are also good at coaxing girls with sweet words. It's really hard to tell from your appearance," Polly commented as she rolled her eyes at Zachary. She was surprised to see Zachary's real look during the hunting game. She didn't expect him to look like a middle-aged man. Although she never judged people by their appearances, she was still startled by Zachary's.

"Don't judge a book by its cover!" Zachary exclaimed.

With a huff, Polly quickened her pace and refused to look at him or walk by his side.

Zachary laughed loudly and followed promptly.

It wasn't long before they reached the end of the cliff of the Burial Abyss.

Since Zachary had already come to the cliff once, he knew that the end of the cliff was heavily guarded. There was only one path towards the bottom of the cliff. That path was guarded by disciples at the Heaven Level and two Imperial Level warriors.

"Master Arthur!" Polly shouted in greeting. She pulled Zachary toward the two Imperial Level warriors and bowed respectfully.

"Polly? Are you going to the Dark Prison again?" asked one of the warriors in a blue robe. He seemed familiar with Polly as if he knew her very well.

"I was ordered by Master Tracy to send Harley to the Dark Prison," Polly replied at once. Both guards immediately cast wondering glances at Zachary when they heard her words.

"Oh, I see. This is the one who was ordered to be sent to the Dark Prison to receive training. I heard that he subdued the Hundred-Treasure Beast during the hunting game." Arthur studied Zachary blatantly like he was an interesting new creature.

The other Imperial Level warrior and the disciples were shocked as well. They didn't expect that the ordinary-looking man in front of them was Harley. He was well-known in Shura College.

"Masters," greeted Zachary as he cupped his hands politely.

"It's no easy feat to come to the Dark Prison. You are lucky the dean gave you the opportunity to be trained here. Do not waste this chance!" Arthur


Polly hung on him like a koala. Zachary awkwardly tried to ignore the feel of her breasts against his chest.

"Hey, how long are you going to hold on to me?" asked Zachary when he finally had enough.

Polly struggled to recover from the scare and hesitantly opened her eyes. She looked around with wide eyes and tried to absorb that they were floating in the air. They weren't dead! Her joy was drowned by the blush that spread on her face when she felt Zachary's warmth where they were still pressed together.

"You seem to be heavier than I thought!" Zachary ridiculed Polly. It was such a typical reaction from him.

"You!" She hit him on the chest lightly.

"You're already very heavy. If you hurt me, we will surely fall," Zachary said with a wry smile.

"How dare you say I'm fat! You bastard!" Polly spat as she hit Zachary again.

"I didn't say that you were fat. I just said that you are very heavy," Zachary clarified.

"Isn't that the same?" retorted Polly angrily.

"No. You have a curvy body and your size is quite big," Zachary said with a snicker.

"Go to hell!" Polly flushed even more. It was a miracle she hadn't fainted from the blood that rushed to her face. She pushed Zachary and floated in the air momentarily. Thunder roared and lightning flashed beneath her feet before she fell a hundred meters down.

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