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   Chapter 337 The Dean's Order

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 8098

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The next day, Tracy received instructions from the Shura College management. She was also shocked when she learned that the dean had been the one to order Zachary into the Dark Prison in the guise of training. She didn't understand why the dean had done this, but she also couldn't disobey orders. So she went to the farmhouse early in the morning to inform Zachary of this.

Tracy arrived at the farmhouse only to see Queenie and other disciples of the Celestial College preparing to go into the weapon refining room. She looked around and realized that everyone was there except Zachary.

The disciples were wondering why Tracy was here so early in the morning.

"Where is Harley? I don't see him around," Tracy asked coolly.

"He went out early in the morning," Queenie responded.

"I see. When you see him, ask him to wait for me in the farmhouse before noon," Tracy ordered.

"If I may ask, is something the matter?" Queenie asked, noticing the tightness of Tracy's expression. She thought that Zachary was in trouble, given that Tracy had explicitly taken his name.

Tracy hesitated. But they would know of this sooner or later. So she told them that the Shura College dean had given orders to send Zachary to the Dark Prison for training and toughening up.

The disciples were surprised at this, unable to understand why the dean had ordered this.

"Why did the dean order to send him to the Dark Prison for training so suddenly? What kind of a place is the Dark Prison?" Rebecca couldn't help but ask.

"You've just joined the Shura College, so it's obvious you don't know anything about the Dark Prison. This Dark Prison is located in the Burial Abyss, a place at the northernmost end of Shura College. If anyone violates rules or does anything vicious in the college, they are sent to the Dark Prison for training and reflection for a period of time," Tracy explained. Of course, she was not going to explain this in detail. She knew that if they realized that the Dark Prison was a dangerous place and that all disciples sent there were extremely vicious, they would protest against it. If the Shura College was sending the disciples from the Celestial College to the Dark Prison, they would be breaking the agreement they had with the Celestial College. And this had never happened before.

"Isn't it a sort of punishment? Isn't there something wrong? Why are you sending Harley there?" Quee

protest at least a little, but he wasn't showing any reluctance. Judging by his words, she knew that he was doing this for the other disciples of the Celestial College. If he refused to go, then Tracy would have to do something to force him.

"What? You'll go? Are you out of your mind? We are not afraid of being implicated. What are you worried about? If you go to that hell, we would become more worried about you!" Queenie began to scold Zachary. It was some sight because she rarely showed such strong emotions.

"Queenie is right. Don't worry, Harley. You don't need to worry about us. We will stand by your side no matter what happens. Please don't go there. If worse comes to worst, we can go back to our Celestial College. It's no big deal," Rebecca said, trying to convince Zachary.

"Thank you for your concern, everyone. But I'm afraid things are not as easy as you are thinking them to be. Don't worry. I've already made up my mind. I will go to the Dark Prison as ordered by the dean." Zachary had made up his mind. He would have to be crazy to not take advantage of such a good opportunity. Of course, that was a thought he would not share with anyone.

"Okay. Now that you've agreed, I'll give you some time to prepare. I'll ask someone to send you there in the afternoon," Tracy said. Deep inside, she breathed a sigh of relief. She had thought that it would be difficult to convince Zachary. But she was glad that he was being reasonable and had accepted it.

"Thank you, Master Tracy!" Zachary said, nodding.

Glancing at the disciples gathered around Zachary, Tracy nodded and left.

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