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   Chapter 336 The Dark Prison

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"A place where even the senior masters of Shura College cannot reach?" Lilian exclaimed.

"There is indeed a place called the Dark Prison in the Shura College where those vicious disciples are imprisoned and punished. It is run by an independent management system and hence, does not come under the jurisdiction of the college's senior masters. The dean is in charge of the system. If Harley could be sent to the Dark Prison, then the college's senior masters could do nothing to him. Besides, we have spies in the Dark Prison, who can keep a watch over him," said Logan.

"But the dean of the Shura College has known that Harley subdued the Hundred-Treasure Beast. Then why is he willing to send Harley to the Dark Prison?" Lilian raised a question.

"That is why I have to visit him in person." The moment he finished speaking those words, Logan disappeared.

An hour later. A white-haired old man, with his eyes closed, was cultivating with great concentration. He was seated on an exquisite couch, purely made of sandalwood. He was meditating in a huge study of a magnificent building, located at the core area of the Shura College.

The aged man was the green-robed old man who fought an exemplary battle with Logan. He was Marvin Ku, the dean of the Shura College.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and shouted, "Who is that?"

"Why are you so surprised?" He heard someone sneer. "Afraid that you will be assassinated anytime? Being a dean is indeed a very dangerous position!" Saying these words, Logan appeared in the study.

"You again? What do you want this time?" His face darkened with anger when he saw Logan. He was furious that Logan appeared in his study without his permission. He despised such actions.

"Don't worry. I'm not here to engage in a battle with you. I just came to warn you of an impending danger lurking around," Logan responded slowly, as he clasped his hands behind.

Marvin Ku ignored his comment. Instead, he asked him, "Since you are here, I have something to clear with you. In the hunting game of my college, some disciples were attacked by a mysterious woman with unknown identity. Was that one of your tricks?" He had always been doubtful about Logan's intentions. And he was very sure that the incident that happened during the hunting game had everything to do with him.

"That is exactly what I have come to warn you about. I am well aware that yo

e of Imperial Level also realized that this matter was getting out of their hands. If they did not deal with it efficiently, they would be in serious trouble.

"Harley is unwilling to hand over the Hundred-Treasure Beast to us, but we must make sure that the beast do not fall into the Moon Shadow's hands either. So I suggest we send him to the Dark Prison," Marvin Ku said as he knitted his brows.

"But wouldn't he be in greater danger if we send him to the Dark Prison? The Dark Prison is equivalent to the hell. Hundreds of disciples are punished and die there in unbearable ways every year. Even though he is at the King Level, he can't really protect himself," Dahlia raised an objection.

"I know what you mean. But of all the options, the Dark Prison seems to be the safest. The enchanted barrier of the Burial Abyss must be destroyed by ten warriors of Sage Level together. No matter how powerful the Moon Shadow is, it is impossible for them to find ten warriors of Sage Level to break it right under our nose." Obviously, Marvin Ku had thought it over before he came to this decision.

"Well, in a way, it's a good idea to actually send him there. If we make him suffer, perhaps he'll be willing to give us the Hundred-Treasure Beast," Corbin suggested with a mischievous smile.

The other warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Level nodded in agreement.

"Now that you have no objection, it is decided. Let's send him to the Dark Prison tomorrow in the name of training. If he doesn't want to, use some means, but ensure that he goes there," Marvin Ku ordered seriously.

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