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   Chapter 335 Trials

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"What trials are they?" Of course, as Zachary knew about Tania's personality, he could imagine the difficulty level of the trials. He was aware that she would not let him pass the trials easily.

"For this first trial, she wants you to go to the forbidden area in Shura College. Once there, you have to collect the blood of a very rare treasure beast for her," Anne explained.

"The forbidden area in Shura College? I thought the college didn't have a forbidden area! The whole college is accessible by everyone." Upon hearing this, Zachary was confused. He had never heard of an area deemed off-limits at Shura College.

"It's possible for such a big college to have a forbidden area. You simply don't know about it. This forbidden area is located in the abyss at the north end of Shura College. You'll learn more about it if you speak with other people. But, since it is off-limits, it won't be easy to enter," Anne said.

"I see. I'll investigate it." Zachary nodded.

Then, Anne handed the rewards that she had prepared for Zachary. These included precious and rare materials that he needed to make a body for Andrew. She was thoughtful to have readied them!

After accepting the rewards, Zachary left the system. Then, he began asking about the abyss at the north end of Shura College. After some inquiry, he learned that the abyss had a dark and sinister history.

Although Shura College was located in a valley, many chasms had formed when the bottom fractured. The abyss in the north was the biggest among these. It was estimated to be over one hundred thousand feet deep, and one could not see its bottom. This abyss was also called the Burial Abyss.

The origin of the name dated back a thousand years. At that time, Shura College hadn't been founded. This was a turbulent time as various clans and forces in the Devil Kingdom constantly battled with each other as they wanted to rule the Devil Kingdom. Eventually, to determine who would control the Devil Kingdom, over a hundred forces decided to battle it out in a decisive war.

It was decided that this unparalleled war would take place in a bottomless abyss in the valley to reduce collateral damage to innocent people. Over ten thousand warriors fought to the death in that gorge. The surviving force at the end would unify the Devil Kingdom.

However, after the war, all the sects and clans were severely injured. Most forces had been annihilated. The remaining forces f

wo figures stood in front of a solitary tomb.

"Logan, we were kind enough to let that guy become the hero of the college. However, we didn't expect that he would subdue the Hundred-Treasure Beast and become a public enemy of Shura College. Moreover, I'm afraid that the senior masters of Shura College will not let him keep the beast without a fight." Lilian glanced at the man in black front of her as she spoke. Helplessness laced her voice. She had worked so hard to scheme in the hunting competition and let Zachary save those disciples. She hadn't expected him to make such a mess. Now, all her efforts seem to have been in vain.

"If I had known that he would be so capable, I wouldn't have bothered to do any of that. But, it's surprising that he could subdue the Hundred-Treasure Beast by himself. It's not possible for a disciple at the King Level to do so. He must have some hidden secrets." Logan smiled gloomily.

"What should we do now? If the senior masters of Shura College target him, it will be disadvantageous to our plan, and we may not be able to spy on him anymore," Lilian said with a frown.

"It would be best if he willingly leaves Shura College. But I fear that he wouldn't want to. In that case, we have to try to get him into a place where the senior masters of the college can't reach him, and at the same time, it must enable us to carry out our plan. After three months, when he deciphers the contents of the Five-God Stone Tablet, he will become useless to us. Then it won't matter what the college will do to him. Although he is a talent, we must give him up when necessary!" Logan said coldly.

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