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   Chapter 333 A Medal Award

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Tracy's words sank Zachary's heart. He was the one who had saved those disciples himself, but he didn't want to attract too much attention to him. So he decided to go down first and slip away from the unwanted eyes of the rest of the disciples.

"Where are you going now?" Tracy asked as she noticed from the corner of her eye that Zachary was to take his leave.

"Well, I have to go now. What will happen next has nothing to do with me, after all," Zachary replied calmly with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Are you sure about that?" Tracy asked with a cunning smile. "Just stand here and watch what will happen next."

Hearing this, Zachary could feel his heart pound violently in his chest. It seemed as if she knew he had saved those disciples. He shouldn't have meddled in this matter in the first place. On second thought, he knew that Tracy might have planned all of this from the beginning and wanted to help him. She must have had her own intentions.

While Zachary was lost in his own thoughts, all of the disciples of King Level present stepped to the front of the crowd.

Those who had been saved by Zachary in the past hunting game came from one side and soon stood in front of the flood of people.

"Have a look and see who the hero is," Tracy announced to the disciples.

They glanced at each other for a moment, and then at the disciples of King Level. They all shook their heads, but when they saw their savior, excitement bubbled inside them.

"It's him! It's really him!" They shouted in delight, pointing at Zachary.

All the people present were shocked to hear such a thing. No one would have thought that the hero who saved the disciples of the Shura College would be one from the Celestial College. What was more, he had subdued the Hundred-Treasure Beast and become the number one public enemy of the college.

Queenie and her companions were also surprised as they looked at the man in front.

"I didn't expect this guy to bother to help the others," Queenie said, her posture proud and straight despite the news.

"He's now both a public enemy and a hero to us all. He's gotten quite busy, I see," Rebecca chuckled with a nod.

"He really never fails to surprise me!" Nelson exclaimed in his own giddy excitement.

"Are you sure he is the one?" Tracy asked the disciples for confirmation while glancing at Zachary with her own little smirk.


e hunting game and become a great hero because I risked my life saving others. It would be a lie if you say that you don't have any ulterior motives behind such," Zachary confessed.

"I know you're smart enough to be able to catch that. I won't beat around the bush any longer, then. You should know that it brings a great deal for you to be able to subdue the Hundred-Treasure Beast, but you have made yourself a public enemy. I'm sure you'll get a lot of troubles in the future," Tracy elaborated.

"Of course I know that. I have been ready to accept the consequences of my actions," Zachary responded with a clear head in mind.

"Good to know you're aware, at least. But you're not in the Celestial College; you are under our roof. It's not a good thing for you. If anything happens to you, you will not receive the fair treatment like the Shura College disciples would," Tracy responded tactfully, taking a step closer as an emphasis.

"Just get straight to the point," Zachary demanded rather impatiently.

"I hope you think about joining the Shura College and being a disciple of ours. Then, no one will want to hurt you," Tracy ended frankly.

"You have devised such a good plan, I'll give you that. The truth is, you are worried that the Celestial College will benefit after I take the Hundred-Treasure Beast back. Am I correct?" Even Zachary knew what was going on in Tracy's mind.

"Yes, it's good that you are aware of it. If you don't join us, we will not allow you to possess the Hundred-Treasure Beast or bring it back to the Celestial College," Tracy said seriously.

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