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   Chapter 332 The Hunting Game's Best Prize

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"Wait, what are you talking about? What do you mean he should share the treasures with you?! He was the one who'd worked so hard on subduing the Hundred-Treasure Beast. You have no right to ask for anything at all! And what did you help him with? Just tell me! I didn't see you save him or even give him a hand when he was in danger." Queenie glared at Alger for his audacity.

Alger was shocked to find that Queenie was against him and was taking Zachary's side. But he immediately retorted, "I didn't save him, but you and Rebecca did, didn't you?"

"Yes, we did. Listen, that Hundred-Treasure Beast is none of your business. Even Rebecca and I didn't say we wanted to take a share of the treasures. So how dare you want to share the treasures?" Queenie replied dismissively, stunning Alger and the other disciples at the King Level.

"Oh, Queenie, the treasures from the Hundred-Treasure Beast are precious materials. While you may not want them, just think about us and get them for us instead!" Alger attempted to convince Queenie to change her mind.

"Alger, you are a disciple from a clan at the premium stage. How could you be so spineless? Is that all you're after? Just some materials? I don't even see why you need them. I mean, are you really that lacking in those materials? How about I give you some?" Queenie said icily.

Alger's face turned livid.

"You need to listen, if he wants to share the treasures with you, then that's very well. But if he doesn't, you can't force him. If I see you guys trying to force him to do things again, you'll all be dead!" Queenie wasn't going to waste more of her time on this conversation and chose to warn Alger and the other disciples at the King Level off from the get-go.

Upon hearing this, the other disciples stepped back immediately. No matter how much they wanted the beast, they wouldn't dare offend Queenie. However, they hadn't expected her to be so fiercely protective of Zachary like that. It made the disciples wonder if there was another reason behind her stance.

"Hey, Scott, why don't you stand up and say something? Do you really want that guy to take advantage of us?" Alger asked as he looked at Scott, still not willing to give up the beast. He knew that Queenie and Rebecca were solidly on Zachary's side in this case. So he fixed his eyes at Scott, hoping that the man could say something to help convince Queenie.

"Since he was the one to subdue the beast, he should be the one to have final say on it. Besides, I don't like to force others to do something they don't want to do, you of all people should know that," Scott replied flatly.

His words had rendered Alger completely speechless. He could only gl

result. You don't think that Harley should receive a supreme award. But I want you to think about this, who of you is able to subdue a Hundred-Treasure Beast alone?" Tracy asked calmly as if she had anticipated such an uproar.

All the disciples present were silenced right by Tracy's question. Because deep in their hearts, they really didn't have the confidence to achieve such a thing, subduing a strong beast like that.

"Although he did tame the Hundred-Treasure Beast, the best reward for this hunting game is based on the number refining materials and treasures one has collected, right?" Anthony, on the other hand, wasn't thwarted by her question.

"Well, don't you think that the treasures of the Hundred-Treasure Beast are more than enough to beat anyone else here? We all know that a Hundred-Treasure Beast is like a treasure trove with an inexhaustible supply of materials. Anthony, you must know that by now, don't you?" Anthony's face darkened at Tracy's words. However, he didn't know how to respond.

"Well, if you have no more objections, I will now officially declare that the winner is Harley Bai." Hearing no more questions from the disciples present, Tracy nodded at one to bring Zachary his award.

The award prepared consisted of some good refining materials, together with some pills and treasures that could help with his cultivation. Zachary took them quickly without even taking a good look at them.

"Now, I'm going to invite the disciples who were unfortunately attacked by the mysterious woman during the hunting game to come onto the stage. They are on the lookout for the mysterious hero who saved their lives. Since this mysterious hero's strength is at the King level, all the King Level disciples, please take a step forward," Tracy requested suddenly.

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