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   Chapter 331 Grand Martial Hall

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After receiving the new main quest, Zachary went to the Living-dead Tomb to look for Anne, but the place was quiet, and she was nowhere to be found.

"I wonder if she went to the Fairy Island," Zachary muttered, and decided to go there himself.

Once there, he started to hear thunderous noise which he was quickly able to recognize as a fight. He knew what it meant: Anne and Tania were having another sparring match.

Zachary wasn't about to sit around and wait as they might take days to finish. He decided, then, to head back to the Peach Blossom Forest and do some much-needed recuperation.

Meanwhile, the news that Zachary had subdued the Hundred-Treasure Beast had made its way to the senior masters of the Shura College.

At that very hour, they were holding a special meeting in the Grand Martial Hall. More than ten members were in attendance; three of them were warriors of Sage Level and the rest at the premium stage of Imperial Level.

Tracy was present as well, since she was in charge of the disciples.

The three Sage Level warriors sat together. One of them, sitting on the left, wore a gray robe. Everything about him was thin and gaunt, from his hatchet face to his bony, almost claw-like hands. It was hard to believe that he was only in his fifties. "Tracy, what the hell is going on? How did it happen that the Hundred-Treasure Beast was subdued by a mere disciple from the Celestial College?" he questioned.

Tracy answered at once, "Master Corbin, the hunting game was ongoing at the time. According to the rules, neither I nor any other masters would be allowed to interfere in the competition. Besides that, none of us expected that the disciple named Harley Bai would be capable of such a feat on his own."

Corbin didn't look satisfied, but he said nothing. Around him, the other warriors in attendance broke into chatter.

"It's incredible that someone at the King Level could subdue a beast at the Imperial Level!" one of them said.

"That's true. Could it be that someone was helping him secretly?" speculated another.

"That must be the case," interjected a third. "Even we Imperial Level warriors couldn't subdue the Hundred-Treasure Beast. How could a disciple at the King Level achieve that?"

They all quieted down when the middle of the three Sage Level warriors spoke up. Her silver hair contrasted startlingly with the youth of her face. "I see no point in investigating how this Harley did it. The important thing is, how do we deal with him?"

Corbin looked sul

king about?" Zachary snapped back, immediately alert. "What do you want?"

"I'll make you a deal," said Alger. "Keep the Hundred-Treasure Beast if you want, but you have to give us all the treasures on it."

"How about another deal?" Zachary sneered. "I'll just keep everything."

Alger's voice lowered, but grew only fiercer. "That's some imagination you've got, boy. If you don't give us the treasures, you won't be walking out of here today."

The other disciples with him, who were all at the King Level, nodded in agreement. They made no effort to hide their greedy, malevolent intentions.

At this point, Nelson spoke up. "Alger, the treasures that grow on the body of the Hundred-Treasure Beast have a growth cycle. We should let them fall off by themselves. If they are removed prematurely by force, they will never grow again."

"Too bad I don't care," retorted Alger, glaring. Normally he might have reconsidered after hearing Nelson's point, but he had a score to settle here. Now that Zachary had gotten the Hundred-Treasure Beast, Alger's jealousy and hatred of him had doubled.

A familiar woman's voice broke in on the confrontation. "What's going on here?!"

Everyone whirled around to see Queenie, Rebecca and Scott, walking side by side into the yard.

Alger was quick to reply first. "Queenie, you're here just in time! This guy doesn't want to share any of the treasures of the Hundred-Treasure Beast. But we're the ones who helped him! He couldn't have subdued that thing if not for our protection. Does this seem fair to you?" Alger sounded like he was complaining, and he was waiting for Queenie to step up and say a few words to support him.

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