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   Chapter 329 An Enemy Of The Whole College

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"Well, as you wish! I will lend you my power for the sake of your hard work on collecting materials for my flesh body!" Zachary heard a burst of wild laughter in his ears. As sudden as a gust of wind, a strong blue light shot out from the Holy Bone Bracer.

An astonishing aura swept through the surrounding area. All the disciples were stunned speechless, their eyes widened in wonder.

A strange blue figure rushed out of the Holy Bone Bracer and rushed straight into the vortex above the Hundred-Treasure Beast. In the next moment, the vortex suddenly went haywire. Its color changed and pulsed as it throbbed with an unknown power. It had contained a weaker pull earlier, but that also changed. It now emitted a shockingly strong pull that pulled even the stones and trees within a few hundred meters around up into the sky.

The disciples barely stayed upright. It took all their power to maintain pressure on their bodies and feet so that they would not just float up to the vortex. At the same time, the huge towering body of the Hundred-Treasure Beast was lifted from the ground. No matter how hard it struggled, it couldn't get rid of the strong pull from above.

When they saw this, the King Level disciples who also wanted to capture the Hundred-Treasure Beast all glared at Zachary furiously. Several of them hurriedly rushed towards him with ill intent. They brandished their weapons at him and unleashed powerful martial arts to subdue him.

Suddenly, a white figure showed up just in time to help Zachary.

It was Nelson. With a wave of his hand, numerous palm shadows dashed out with unstoppable momentum. It pushed back the King Level disciples at once and gave them time to talk.

"Harley, I'll protect you. I'm counting on you to capture the Hundred-Treasure Beast," Nelson said to Zachary. His eyes shone with a determined gleam as he patted Zachary on his back.

Zachary glanced at him in surprise. A friend in need was a friend indeed. He nodded gratefully before he concentrated on controlling the vortex.

The situation continued for another fifteen minutes. Just as the vortex was about to completely devour the Hundred-Treasure Beast, Anthony saw his opportunity. He was in the middle of the battle with Rebecca when he managed to find a flaw in her defense. Without hesitation, he thrust his spear forward and sent a spear shadow that swiftly flew in Zachary's direction.

"Damn it!" Rebecca swore when she realized that the attack was actually aimed at Zachary. With a flick of her hand, she ordered Elfin t

in trouble, she hesitated but eventually chose to help him out.

Polly's appearance deterred the disciples from advancing. They didn't dare to attack Zachary rashly and provoke Polly's ire.

Anthony and Truman, who were stopped by Queenie and Rebecca, had varying sour looks on their faces.

While they were at a stalemate, Tracy and the other masters finally showed up.

"All of you, stop now. The hunting game is over!" Tracy announced in a firm and authoritative voice.

Even though the other disciples still wanted to force Zachary to hand over the Hundred-Treasure Beast, they could not disobey the order of the masters. With no choice left, they bitterly put away their weapons as they grumbled in envy and frustration.

Anthony glared at Zachary heatedly as if he wanted to tear him into pieces.

In contrast, Truman looked much calmer but his gaze was also filled with hostility.

Even Tracy and the other masters could not help but stare warily at Zachary as if he was some kind of monster. They were shocked by his amazing performance in succession.

Since many disciples had been injured during the fight with the Hundred-Treasure Beast and the chaos after that, Tracy ordered all of them to heal their wounds and have a good rest. The closing ceremony would be held off until the next day.

"Harley, come with me," ordered Tracy before she left. She knew that Zachary was now an enemy of the whole college, so she decided to take him back with her. That way, she could keep an eye on him and make sure he was safe.

Zachary nodded obediently. He left with Tracy immediately, with no care for the hostile gazes that the crowd bestowed upon him. He didn't look back.

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