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   Chapter 328 Three Forces

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In the blink of an eye, a gleaming shadow in the shape of a long spear rushed out from Anthony's body. It darted forward quickly, like a lionhearted man fighting a dragon on the battlefield. Its target was the shadow of Illusory Dragon.

Concurrently, Truman raised his golden bow and shot multiple Golden Flame Arrows into the air, which exploded high above the ground, in the air, and turned into a rain of arrows that covered the shadow of Illusory Dragon.

The next moment, the three strong attacks collided with one another. That raised a dust cloud and everyone could hear loud bursting sounds. For a long time, strong air waves moved with great force. Then, a fierce King Level aura spread hundreds of meters in the surrounding area.

All the people present were shocked as they watched the fight. Those who were relatively close to the fighters, felt that their blood was surging because of the immense pressure they were suffering from the explosion. Consequently, they retreated, pulling themselves away.

After a momentary stalemate among the three forces, the shadow of Illusory Dragon suddenly suppressed Anthony's and Truman's powerful martial arts. It broke through the obstacles that were in its way, and instantaneously approached the two men.

As neither of them had expected the shadow of Illusory Dragon to be so powerful and strong, they failed to dodge its attack. After its assault, it fell down and exploded near Anthony and Truman quickly. Then, it turned into raging fire and spread all around.

The audience had not expected that the shadow of Illusory Dragon would defeat the two powerful disciples of the Shura College so badly. And their wide-open eyes and dropped jaws corroborated their shocked surprise.

Everyone present intuitively knew that it was none other than Zachary, who had summoned the shadow of Illusory Dragon.

After disappearing, it returned to the shape of the Illusory Dragon Spine, and flew back to Zachary. At the same time, the color of Zachary's face changed suddenly. He felt his chest tighten, and blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. It was evident that he was overwhelmed, and his body was suffering trauma because of his performance at that time.

Meanwhile, when the intense flame was burning ferociously in the surrounding area, two very angry figures rushed out all of a sudden. They, then, rushed toward Zachary furiously, as if they were determined to ruin him.

Seeing the irate men rushing at Zachary increased the tension in the air manifold.

What Zachary had just done was indeed shocking. Anthony and Truman had the strength at the premium stage of King Level, and were not weak. Were Zachary to defeat them easily with only one blow, eve

are really that capable, come to the Enigmatic Kingdom. The Hua Clan will not be afraid of you," Rebecca rebuked Anthony back. She was not an ordinary woman. Her Hua Clan was one of the four most famous clans in the Enigmatic Kingdom. Their strength was definitely no less than that of the Xiao Clan. Therefore, she did not fear anyone.

"Then I have no choice but to beat you," Anthony said. His face turned dark at her threat. He instantly approached her and thrust his spear at her, which turned into many spear shadows.

Rebecca, on the other hand, performed one of the Hua Clan's unique skills—the Flower Pace. In an instant, hundreds of flowers covered her body. She hid in them, and began to fight with Anthony.

Queenie and Rebecca's alliance stalled Anthony and Truman, which bought Zachary some time. Although the vortex that he had created with the Holy Bone Bracer's power, had already reached its limit, it still did not seem strong enough. In addition, the Ice Needles' effects were gradually fading away. What was worse was that the Hundred-Treasure Beast gradually came to its senses and began to struggle. Strong energy started gushing out of it, and it was about to engulf Zachary. Now, he found himself in a difficult situation.

At that time, he was unable to either distract or resist the Hundred-Treasure Beast, and his efforts were in vain. Therefore, he could only try and resist the rushing energy from it, which, instantly cut open his collar. As a result, there were blood marks on his body. Still unmoved, he continued to transform the power of the Holy Bone Bracer to the vortex above.

"I'm close to it! Please help me, Andrew! I need your power!" Zachary gritted his teeth. It seemed that the vortex's suction force was not strong enough to suck in the Hundred-Treasure Beast.

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