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   Chapter 326 Fight Against The Hundred-Treasure Beast

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To field off the violent attack coming from the Hundred-Treasure Beast, Zachary had to use two powerful skills. Combining both the Shadow Pace and the Flawless Illusion, as well as the Blazing Roc's cover, was the only way to stand a chance against the beast. However, it was so powerful that every time it launched an attack, everything it touched collapsed. Devastation marred the scene all around them.

As they were surrounded by a three-sided precipice, the space they could move in was rather small. So after an hour of both sides not gaining an inch, that space got smaller and smaller.

All of a sudden, the Hundred-Treasure Beast opened its mouth, and dark green liquid gushed out. When the liquid touched the ground, the earth swelled and began to solidify.

Seeing this, Zachary couldn't risk being careless and immediately used the Shadow Pace to dodge the dark green liquid. While he was dodging it, the Hundred-Treasure Beast abruptly lunged at him. He retreated into a corner with no way out.

It was then that Queenie and the others had realized that Zachary was in danger. However, they were too far away. By the time they made their move, the Hundred-Treasure Beast was only a few meters away from him.


With a deafening sound, the beast's head crashed straight into the hard cliff Zachary was on and the stone wall instantly sank in. Huge cracks formed on the surface, making it look like it was on the verge of collapsing.

Even a warrior at Imperial Level couldn't stand such an astonishing crash, needless to say a King Level warrior like Zachary, which made his peers believe that his chances of dying were very high.

"Harley!" Queenie's face darkened at this scene.

"You deserve it!" Anthony sneered, his face beaming with joy.

However, after the Hundred-Treasure Beast took a few steps back, they suddenly saw lightning flow in the sunken stone wall. It was densely interwoven, just like a shield.

A beast suddenly rushed out and took several leaps to distance itself from the Hundred-Treasure Beast. Then a figure jumped down from the beast.

Everyone present was stunned.

Zachary, who they'd all thought to be dead, was hale and whole!

All the masters were shocked by the fact that even they themselves didn't stand a chance against the impact of Hundred-Treasure Beast despite being powerful. However, the fact that Zachary could survive under such an attack blew their minds.

"Ha-ha, this is

of nowhere and shot out three flame arrows. When the arrows hit the cage, it immediately returned to its original shape.

"Truman!" Anthony glared at Truman.

"This Hundred-Treasure Beast belongs to our Xuanyuan Clan. You, the Xiao Clan, will not lay a finger on it!" Truman said with a determined resolve.

"If we don't get to keep it, then neither do you," Anthony snorted.

"You're the one holding the Xiao Clan disciples together. Without you, they would fall apart, wouldn't they? So, if I kill you first, I can easily get my hands on the Hundred-Treasure Beast." As soon as he finished speaking, Truman immediately found his way to Anthony.

For his part, Anthony didn't cower and made his way forward as well.

Soon, the two talents from the Shura College started fighting.

On the other side, the Shura College disciples, driven by profits, ran desperately towards the Hundred-Treasure Beast, trying to kill it.

The disciples from both clans were also heading towards the beast, trying to prevent the rest from killing it.

The change in atmosphere was extremely chaotic.

"We can't let them kill the Hundred-Treasure Beast." Nelson suddenly became fierce. His breathing accelerated, as he started to reveal his strength at the premium stage of King Level. He rushed towards the disciples, stopping them from attacking the Hundred-Treasure Beast.

Seeing this, Queenie and the others exchanged a glance and joined the team trying to put a stop to the fight. They also felt like it would be a pity to kill the Hundred-Treasure Beast.

However, this state of chaos was undoubtedly a good thing for Zachary!

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