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   Chapter 324 Join Hands

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"The defensive power of this Hundred-Treasure Beast is unbelievable!" Seeing this, Zachary, who was hiding on the back of the Hundred-Treasure Beast, could not help but sigh. Fortunately, he didn't act rashly despite being the first to arrive.

Since the Hundred-Treasure Beast had displayed its powerful defensive capability, everyone present hesitated for a while.

However, some people, such as Anthony, could not wait patiently. At this time, he was restless as he was afraid that the Xuanyuan Clan would get the Hundred-Treasure Beast first. So, he instructed the Xiao Clan disciples who had gathered behind him, "Listen up. If you can capture the Hundred-Treasure Beast alive this time, you will do me an enormous service, and my father will reward you handsomely. Be brave and do not be afraid of injuries or death. You must help me capture the Hundred-Treasure Beast alive!"

When the Xiao Clan disciples heard his words, they responded at once, with a majestic momentum.

"Go!" Anthony ordered.

Soon, all the disciples of the Xiao Clan approached the Hundred-Treasure Beast. Among them, three disciples, who were at the premium stage of King Level, summoned three treasure beasts in different forms.

As soon as Truman saw the Xiao Clan make their move, he took action. After all, he couldn't let the Xiao Clan take the lead. He beckoned the disciples of the Xuanyuan Clan to join the fight. Then, the Xuanyuan Clan disciples also rushed toward the Hundred-Treasure Beast. At the same time, they also summoned four powerful treasure beasts.

Seeing that the two big clans had acted, the Shura College disciples also followed them into battle. Those who had treasure beasts also directed the treasure beasts to assist them. The scene suddenly became very fierce.

In contrast, Queenie and her companions were calm and did not rush to join the fight.

A brief moment later, chaos reigned as other teams of disciples joined the battle.

At this time, except for Zachary, the nine disciples from Celestial College had gathered, but they hadn't yet taken any action.

Two hours later, over three hundred disciples from Shura College had launched a terrifying offensive against the Hundred-Treasure Beast. However, the beast remained motionless. With its strong defensive capability, the disciples of Shura College could not approach it within a meter.

Meanwhile, in a secret place not far away, a dozen masters led by Tracy appeared quietly. They were so careful that no one noticed their arrival.

"Here comes the Hundred-Treasure Beast! In the past, we searched Cloud Valley for a whole year. However, we didn't find any traces of it."

"I think we'd better get straight to the point. Even if we join hands, we don't have the confidence to capture the Hundred-Treasure Beast alive, let

scene turned into a one-sided battle. The Hundred-Treasure Beast had already fallen into a state of madness. It continued to cause significant damage to the disciples, and many of them were severely injured.

Queenie and the other King Level disciples were also forced to retreat, one after another.

"Tracy, I think it is time for us to join. If things go on like this, I'm afraid..." At this moment, the masters who were overseeing the battle started to feel nervous. Their expressions changed from curiosity to anxiousness.

Tracy knew that the situation would get out of control if they didn't take action. Therefore, she was going to ask all the masters to help.

All of a sudden, a figure dashed from the back of the Hundred-Treasure Beast and turned into a flash of light, falling to the ground with terrifying momentum.

"Rebecca, ask Elfin to entangle its tail!" the figure shouted at Rebecca as soon as he touched the ground.

Hearing this, Rebecca was stunned for a moment, but then she immediately recognized the voice. It was Zachary! So, she asked Elfin to control the roots again and direct them to bind the scaled tail of the Hundred-Treasure Beast.

"Queenie, freeze one of its legs!" Zachary instructed Queenie.

"How dare you tell me what to do! I'll teach you a lesson later." Queenie snorted in contempt before transforming into an icy shadow. As soon as she reached the Hundred-Treasure Beast, its leg froze.

With the combined forces of Queenie and Rebecca, the crazy Hundred-Treasure Beast was temporarily unable to move. But it would not be subdued for too long. Very soon, it would regain its ability.

But the limited time was enough for the disciples who had been fleeing in all directions.

"All disciples, except for those at the King Level, retreat quickly if you don't want to die!" Zachary commanded everyone like a leader.

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