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   Chapter 322 The Hundred-Treasure Beast

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"Where is he?" one of the disciples asked aloud, and the other disciples started to talk among one another. Without another word, Zachary vanished into thin air.

The two masters were astonished to see all the beasts that were killed in front of them, all executed by one single man. After all, it was rather difficult to kill such a large number of martial beasts in the short time that transpired.

Afterwards, they began to make a detailed inquiry. However, they still couldn't tell who the mysterious disciple was.

Tracy, the person who was in charge of disciples, rushed over as soon as she heard the news. She ordered her men to investigate the strange woman that left the scene. It was unfortunate that they couldn't suspend the hunting game that was happening at the moment simply because no one was injured or killed. This was why she only took the liberty to order all the masters to monitor the whole Cloud Valley to be on the lookout for suspicious persons.

"Just who is this mysterious disciple that everyone's been talking about?" Tracy asked aloud, wondering who took the time to save the disciples from danger.

At the same time, Zachary, who disappeared without a trace, was already thousands of meters away. He stopped by a tree stump and leaned onto it. He breathed heavily to calm himself down. A few minutes later, he pushed himself from the tree and made his way to the places that Mimi had speculated where the Hundred-Treasure Beast might be hiding.

Although there were numerous powerful martial beasts in the Cloud Valley, they didn't pose much of a hindrance to Zachary. Given his current strength, he didn't have to waste his time on such measly beasts that were below the Imperial Level.

Before he knew it, a day and night had already passed.

Zachary had traveled to several places where Mimi had told him that the Hundred-Treasure Beast might appear, but in each place he went, he found nothing.

"It sure is difficult to find the Hundred-Treasure Beast. No wonder the Shura College can't find it, even after they've searched for it for ten years," Zachary muttered to himself. He couldn't help but wonder if he should give up searching for the Hundred-Treasure Beast and focus on hunting the martial beasts instead. If he did, he would be able to collect the materials he needed anyway.

But just before he could turn back, the earth beneath him shook violently. From where he stood, he could also see that the entirety of the Cloud Valley was shaking. A strange green light emitted within the cracks of the ground. The disciples, who

Suddenly, a dozen King Level auras were making their way to them. Sensing this, Zachary jumped up and concealed himself.

Before long, more than ten disciples at the premium stage of King Level appeared one after another. Some of them were Queenie, Rebecca, and Scott.

When they saw the Hundred-Treasure Beast, they were astonished by its disgusting appearance.

None of them knew that Zachary was there, lying on the Hundred-Treasure Beast's back.

"So? Is this really the Hundred-Treasure Beast?" Queenie asked, surprised at its large frame.

"It sure looks like it. But why isn't it moving?" Rebecca answered as her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Scott merely shook his head.

The other disciples at the premium stage of King Level looked at each other worriedly, wondering what they could do about the beast.

"It's because it's still transforming," an excited voice answered behind them.

Queenie and the others looked back to the direction where the voice came from, and found that Nelson was idly standing behind them.

"What do you mean, Nelson?" Queenie asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Well, according to the records, the Hundred-Treasure Beast transforms once every ten years, just like a snake would regularly peel off its skin. After each transformation, the quality of the treasures on its body will also be upgraded. That is to say, the more times it transforms, the more valuable its treasures will be. And according to my speculation, this Hundred-Treasure Beast in front of us is under its second transformation. Judging from its brilliant aura, at least half of its treasures are already at the Imperial Level. Some are even higher," Nelson answered calmly with a stern look.

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