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   Chapter 321 Strong Enemies

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Fierce growls and fevered shouts echoed as several King Level martial beasts launched frantic attacks on Zachary. Some of the beasts were only at the primary stage of King Level while the strongest of them was at the third grade of King Level. The battle was bound to be challenging since they were only one grade inferior to Zachary and they had the physical advantage as martial beasts.

Although he was stronger, Zachary saw them as powerful enemies that he could not underestimate and recklessly counterattack. Instead, he buckled down in strict defense and fought back only when he found the chance. He remained resolute and calm as he dealt with several King Level martial beasts despite the aggression and violence of their attacks.

As time passed, Zachary started to pant and sweat. He was starting to feel the strain of the relentless and aggressive attacks of the King Level martial beasts.

"Getting tired?" Lilian smirked when she saw that Zachary was out of breath.

"Men can get tired but never weak!" Zachary suddenly shouted. His aura rushed out from his body with a bright explosion. It fully revealed his cultivation strength at the fourth grade of King Level.

"Fourth grade of King Level?!" Zachary's sudden display of his true strength shocked the team of disciples behind him.

They had thought Zachary was useless and worth less than trash, but when they saw that he was able to contend against the group of beasts and had the upper hand, they started to realize that they were wrong. They realized that he had hidden his true strength, but they did not expect his strength to reach the fourth grade of King Level.

Some of them were not even that strong. In fact, only elite disciples had that cultivation level. With bated breaths, the disciples vowed to change their attitudes towards Zachary. With their lives on the line, they pinned all their hopes on him. The trash that they dismissed as worthless was now their savior.

John was one of the people who looked down on Zachary and completely disregarded his abilities before. Now, he trembled in guilt and fear because he knew that if Zachary had wanted, he could beat him to his death. The difference in their strengths was ridiculous.

"Babies, come on!" On the other side of the field, Lilian chuckled to herself. Zachary finally showed his true strength, but it did not intimidate her one bit. She could take him anytime.

With that thought, Lilian flicked her fingers and the remaining group of martial beasts beside her rushed out like a riptide. Led by several King Level martial

he other disciples were in great danger. They stood transfixed, like deer in headlights just before they were driven over their deaths. They wondered if they were already dead and were hallucinating when they saw two figures with powerful auras appear.

They weren't, of course. It was the masters who had come to their rescue. They flashed and carefully stood between the disciples and Lilian.

"Who are you? How dare you hurt the disciples of our Shura College?" one of the masters yelled. He flipped his hands and a strong aura spread in the air. It was at an intimidating Imperial Level that easily split into three parts and rushed towards Lilian.

"Looks like playtime is over," Lilian jeered. She quickly took out a black round object and smashed it on the ground. Immediately, a vivid white light engulfed them all. At the same time, the three parts formed by martial energy at the Imperial Level that the master had released exploded. The explosive power burst out in all directions and resulted in a whirlwind that swept everything away.

The disciples stood hunched with their hands over their heads to shield their eyes. Soon, the wind stopped and the debris settled around them, but Lilian was nowhere to be seen.

"Are you all right?" The two masters looked at the group immediately and checked them for serious injuries. They didn't chase after Lilian but instead chose to focus on their disciples.

"We're all okay thanks to him. He delayed that woman and even killed all these martial beasts on his own." The group promptly turned their focus on Zachary, who was the most injured. However, when they faced his direction, there was no one there. It was like he had disappeared into thin air.

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