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   Chapter 318 The Hunting Game

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"What are you saying? The disciples at the King Level can't team up? But why? That just doesn't make sense," Queenie exclaimed, her beautiful eyes opening wide in surprise. She was sure that the so-called rule of not allowing the disciples at the King Level to team up, was aimed at them, who were from the Celestial College. After all, the combined strength of the ten disciples from the Celestial College was likely to make all the disciples of the Shura College tremble with fear.

"It will be unfair to the disciples below the King Level, if the King Level disciples team up. The sole purpose of this hunting game is to enhance the ability to survive in the wild. What's more, any disciple of King Level is powerful enough to work alone in the Cloud Valley. It would be really unnecessary for them to team up," Polly explained patiently.

"Humph! From what I make out, the Shura College sets up this rule only to prevent our Celestial College disciples from working in a team. Am I right?" Queenie retorted back unhappily.

"This rule has always been prevalent since the time the hunting game was introduced. You can ask others to confirm it if you don't believe. Anyways, I have explained the rules of the game. I wish all of you good luck. Enjoy, everyone!" Polly announced in a calm tone as she looked at Queenie. Then, casting a glance at Zachary, she left.

"I am sure the Shura College did this on purpose, so that they could separate us. They must be afraid of the fact that if we discovered the Hundred-Treasure Beast, we would definitely capture it alive!" Alger sulked.

Others also nodded in agreement.

"Well, I really don't care about their malicious attempts. What is more important is that we are given a chance to participate in the hunting game. At no cost we should not miss it. Moreover, Polly only said that we are not allowed to team up. Nowhere did she mention that we can't compete for the Hundred-Treasure Beast, once we discover it," commented Scott, who had remained silent most of the time.

"Yes, even if we don't team up, they can't refuse us from hunting for the prey. We just have to ensure that one of us finds the Hundred-Treasure Beast. I'm sure the beast is ours," Queenie said as she smiled gleefully.

"But we have a problem here. There is only one Hundred-Treasure Beast. If one of us manages to capture it alive, how will we divide it?" Zachary asked. It was indeed a sticky situation.

"Ahh, that's a good question," Rebecca chimed in as she nodded her head.

"We will cross the bridge when we come across it. Right now, let us focus on capturing it. We should not allow the Shura College to gain any advantage so easily

wo female disciples as his personal bodyguards. The truth was he wanted to take the opportunity to flirt with them.

The two female warriors were sensible and played along with him. That way at least they avoided the risk of killing the beasts.

'What a useless fellow! The two women are even not pretty, yet he is having a lot of fun with them. Jesus!' Zachary, who was the last one in the line, murmured to himself inwardly. He couldn't help shaking his head as he saw John Wu walking with the two female warriors. He even flirted with them under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

The deeper they went into the Cloud Valley, the more martial beasts they would meet. Naturally, they felt more pressure pressing against them.

"How many pieces of materials have we collected?" John Wu then asked a disciple of Heaven Level. He was responsible for counting the numbers of the materials and resources.

"Sir, we have collected about thirty pieces in total," the disciple replied respectfully.

"Only thirty pieces? We have so many people in our team. They are not enough at all," John Wu groaned. He seemed to be very dissatisfied with the result. He immediately turned around and scolded, "You are such a group of trash. After such a long time, you have only collected thirty pieces! What? Don't you want the reward anymore? Everyone stay focused! Pay more attention to the things around you. Get more resources as much as you can!"

If any disciple or any team had performed well in the hunting game and collected a considerable amount of material, they would be rewarded with a great deal of praises. Therefore, no one was willing to miss this opportunity. Hence it was no wonder why John Wu grew angry when he heard his people only collected a minimal amount of resources.

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