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   Chapter 317 The Hunting Game

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"What do you want to do, Logan?" Lilian asked.

"According to the information you sent me, Harley seems to be quite outstanding. It looks like Shura College has also noticed him. Maybe he can be used as a pawn against Shura College. However, his current influence is not enough to attract the attention of the college. I think it's necessary to give him a little push," Logan answered. He was grinning darkly as he envisioned all the ways that he could succeed.

"Give him a little push? What do you mean?" Lilian asked, puzzled.

"The annual hunting game of Shura College will be held in half a month. We should do something to cause chaos and then make Harley show up at the appropriate time. This would ensure that he will gain more fame." Logan grinned widely and rubbed his hands together eagerly. He had a plan, one that would bring Shura College to their knees.

"But what if he doesn't cooperate? From my observation in the past few days, he is very low-key. He often disappears for no reason and even I can't track him down. I'm afraid even if we make such an arrangement, he wouldn't act according to the plan," Lilian replied.

"If that happens, then play it by ear," answered Logan confidently.

"Understood. I'll go and arrange it." Lilian nodded and left at once.

Time flew fast like a raging river. Before long, more than ten days had passed.

Zachary had asked for several days' leave with various excuses and refined the other two Cultivation Boosting Pills of King Level. His strength also smoothly rose to the fourth grade of King Level. Now, he was not far from breaking through to the fifth grade.

The last thing he expected was for everything to go so smoothly. He thought that after the failed assassination, Anthony would continue to pester him. Of course, he could not let his guard down. He knew that the quieter the storm, the more violently it could ravage. There was no doubt that Anthony was only biding his time and he would show up and cause trouble soon. So Zachary tried his best to keep a low profile and did not give Anthony any chance.

The next morning, as soon as he arrived at the weapon refining room, Zachary saw that a large number of disciples were heading to the square in the center of Shura College.

He asked around and found that early in the morning, the college had asked all the dis

ht not be in the Cloud Valley anymore," Queenie said.

"That's impossible," Polly denied. "When the college discovered the Hundred-Treasure Beast, they sealed the entire Cloud Valley. They would know immediately if the Hundred-Treasure Beast tries to leave the Cloud Valley."

"So, the focus of the hunting game is to find the Hundred-Treasure Beast. Then, what should we do after we find it?" Zachary asked critically. After all, everyone wanted to have such a treasure beast.

"It depends on the disciples' ability to capture or kill it. If they find it but fail to capture it, they can inform the college immediately, and the college will send people to capture it. Of course, the disciples who find the beast will also receive a very generous reward," Polly explained further.

"It sounds interesting," Queenie muttered with distant eyes. It seemed that she was already planning in her mind what she needed to do to catch one.

"If the ten of us form a team, we will surely succeed, right?" Rebecca suggested hesitantly. The others nodded immediately. Most of them were already excited with the thought of the treasures and fortune they could have once they captured the beast.

"Wait, there is something you need to know.

The rules of the hunting game prohibit the disciples above the King Level from forming a group but they can group with those below the King Level," Polly suddenly said. They felt like ice water was suddenly poured over them, which tempered their enthusiasm. With that fortune at stake, of course, it would not be that easy.

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