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   Chapter 316 Lilian

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After Zachary had left the two girls' room, he went to the next room to look for Nelson, only to find that he wasn't there. He asked about his whereabouts and then learned that he hadn't been back in three days.

"God knows where he's taken Kiwi!" He immediately contacted the Treasure-hunting Compass. "Mimi, help me locate Kiwi," he ordered.


The Thunder Dragon Horse is now at the southwest side of Shura College," Mimi replied after a while.

He didn't hesitate in heading straight there.

It didn't take him long to enter a dead wood forest. As soon as he entered, he heard a rumble of thunder from the deepest part of the forest. He followed the noise.

After walking for a short while, he arrived at a place where the woods were sparse. His eyes caught the Thunder Dragon Horse that was now surrounded by thunder and lightning facing a dead tree. It gathered the thunder force all over its body, gradually formed a light ball and then shot it towards the dead tree.

However, when the thunder ball struck the tree, it didn't tear it down. Instead, it spread all over it like an electric current with a loud humming noise. The effect made the tree look amazing.

"Great! It's perfect this time." Nelson stood next to the Thunder Dragon Horse, looking extremely exhilarated.

The Thunder Dragon Horse raised its head proudly, as if it was showing off. But then it seemed to have felt Zachary's aura and quickly looked at him. Before he could blink, it turned into a thunder shadow and rushed to him uttering a cheerful neigh.

Zachary smiled and patted the Thunder Dragon Horse's head. Then he looked up at Nelson, who was slowly approaching him.

"It's been three days? How time flies!" It was obvious from the look on Nelson's face that he was hesitant to leave this place.

"I heard that you haven't gone back for three days now. Are you here with Kiwi all this time? I know you like studying treasure beasts, but you shouldn't forget all about eating and sleeping," Zachary scolded Nelson, noting his obsession with treas

s away from Zenith City where Zachary had followed his target, the man in black was standing in front of the same tomb. He was drowning in grief and indignation.

Soon, a woman joined him. She wore a leopard print dress which set off her attractive figure and made her look as sexy as a wild cat. No man would be able to resist such a stunning woman.

"Lilian, I heard that the Xiao Clan had hired a killer from the Moon Shadow to assassinate Harley Bai. Is that true?" Logan didn't turn his head, a stony expression on his face.

"Yes," Lilian answered with a nod.

"Why didn't you stop him? You should know how much Harley means to us now," Logan growled angrily.

"I didn't know that then. The Xiao Clan had hired the killer way before the new development took place," Lilian replied.

"Pass on my order. There are to be no more commissions from the Xiao Clan anymore. I also need you to find out the real reason why they want to assassinate Harley," Logan ordered.

"Okay." Lilian nodded.

"It seems that the old man has lost his patience. I heard he had secretly been gathering important figures from major clans in the Devil Kingdom. I think he is trying to deal with me. I've warned him, but he apparently hasn't taken my threats seriously. He must think I was bluffing. It appears that I have to teach him a lesson." Logan's eyes flashed with anger.

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