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   Chapter 313 The Phoenix House

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"Give you one more chance? Do you wish for your death? It was because of your failure that our Xiao Clan's reputation has been greatly affected. Fortunately, the killer was a wanted criminal, so they were able to conclude that the killer wanted to frame our clan. Otherwise, you would not be able to bear the consequences of your actions this time," Anthony shouted furiously.

Edward bowed his head immediately. He knew that Zachary got the best of him this time.

"Young master, maybe we shouldn't be blaming it on him. The killer from the Moon Shadow was defeated by a nobody at the King Level. Nobody will believe it when they hear about it. It seems that you have underestimated that Harley," Desmond said. He was sitting at the left side of the hall and had a very serious look on his face.

"Underestimated him? He is nothing but a lucky dog that barely escaped his death." Of course, Anthony wasn't willing to admit that it was his fault.

"If you really dislike that guy, just say the word and I will go to him myself," Desmond suggested with a sinister smile.

"Just forget about it. Although I really want to kill him, the Shura College is already getting suspicious towards me and they will not allow anything to happen again. If anything bad happens to him, we will undoubtedly become their first suspect." Although Anthony hated Zachary to the core, he was not the kind of young master who would take advantage of his power to bully others. He knew that he shouldn't get the Xiao Clan into any sort of trouble just because he had his own selfish reasons.

"So young master, are you telling me you're willing to just let it go?" Desmond asked.

"Definitely not. This guy is utterly disgusting. His relationship with Polly doesn't seem that simple at all. I won't let him get in the way of my plans. The only ideal scenario is for him to be removed," Anthony said ruthlessly.

"What exactly are you planning to do, young master?" Desmond asked.

"Let him enjoy his life for a while as I think of the perfect way to kill him once he lets his guard down," Anthony said in a very far sighted and sophisticated manner.

ere bound to meet again.

"Take a seat." Riley signaled to Zachary.

Zachary nodded before sitting down on a chair nearby.

"Why did you come alone? Where is your friend?" Riley asked.

"Well, I couldn't invite her," Zachary answered with a smile.

Riley understood what he meant at once. "Are you here for the auction? Or could be for something else?"

"I came here looking to buy some materials. I was thinking of taking part in the auction, but on second thought, attending an auction would be too much of a hassle. I decided to save myself the time and came here instead," Zachary explained straightforwardly.

"Oh, it seems that you are in dire need of my help. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here right now." Experienced in human relations, Riley could tell that Zachary's need for the materials was urgent.

"I am not really in a rush but the sooner, the better," Zachary answered.

"Now that you are a VIP in our Phoenix House, I will try my best to fulfill your requests." Once Riley was done speaking, she turned to Billy Huang. "Billy, take the guest to the warehouse to find the items he is looking for. Give him a ten percent discount on everything."

"Understood," answered Billy Huang with his hands still cupped.

"I owe you a lot for this, Master Riley," Zachary told her at once.

"Don't thank me yet. In fact, I do have something I would like to ask you," Riley said in a changed tone.

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