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   Chapter 309 Injured

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Anne brought Zachary into the tomb chamber with the Ice Jade Bed. After telling him to sit on it, she immediately began to see to his wounds. She released her martial energy. It blew across his body like a gentle spring breeze. His badly injured body began to recover at an astonishing speed.

In less than fifteen minutes, most of his wounds had healed.

"Great! It worked." Anne withdrew her martial energy and got off the Ice Jade Bed.

"Thank you very much, Master Anne!" Zachary said with a grin.

"You really are a troublemaker who finds trouble wherever he goes," Anne commented in a somewhat angry tone.

"What else could I do? Let's talk about it later. I have to leave now." With those parting words, Zachary left the Living-dead Tomb and disappeared.

He was back in the ruins in an instant. There were two disciples of the Xiao Clan about to take away the dead body of the killer.

Seeing Zachary appear out of thin air stopped them in their tracks. It was strange to see he was both safe and sound. Even he managed to find a way to stay alive, surely he should have at least sustained some serious injuries.

"Leave the corpse behind," Zachary said, his eyes cold.

Knowing that they were no match for Zachary, the two disciples from the Xiao Clan dared not disobey or fight him. They immediately threw the dead body away.

"Take off your clothes," Zachary ordered.

The two disciples hurriedly took their clothes off until they were in nothing but their undergarments.

"You can go away now," Zachary finally said with a smirk.

The two disciples fled away, feeling relieved.

"Anthony, you want to play with me, right? Okay then, I will play with you." Zachary smiled grimly. He used the blood of the killer to paint his own body. Soon, he was covered in blood, as if he had been badly injured. Then, he dressed the killer in the Xiao Clan's clothes.

The second he was done, Edward and three other disciples of the Xiao Clan came back in defeat. They froze as they saw Zachary, who was drenched in blood, standing in front of the dead body of the killer.

"Bastard, I didn't know you were here." Edward laughed grimly at the sight of Zachary.

"As I had expected, the Xiao Clan should be responsib

ruck dumb. It wasn't until he took a closer look at the corpse that he found the killer was sporting the disciple uniform of the Xiao Clan. He looked up at Zachary. It didn't take a genius to figure out Zachary must have done it, not with the scheming smile that was still on his face.

"Master Tracy, he definitely isn't a disciple of the Xiao Clan. This matter has nothing to do with our clan. Please seek justice for us!" Under the circumstances, there was nothing Edward could do but to assert his innocence. It was obvious to him that framing Zachary was impossible. After all, if he altered his words, Tracy would definitely be suspicious.

"I will investigate and ascertain this matter. But since he was wearing the Xiao Clan's clothing, it must have something to do with the Xiao Clan," Tracy stated calmly. Then she turned to the King Level disciples behind her. "Take them back and interrogate them separately. I will come later."

The disciples nodded their heads immediately.

"What about him? He's a murderer! You should at least arrest him first," Edward immediately protested when Tracy told the disciples to take only them away without arresting Zachary as well.

"Can't you see that he's seriously injured? Even if he killed someone, it was in self-defense. The aura emanating from the corpse is obviously at the premium stage of King Level. Do you honestly think he would be able to kill someone whose cultivation level was much higher than his?" Tracy asked Edward.

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