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   Chapter 305 Obtaining The Five-God Stone Tablet

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Updated: 2020-03-04 08:55

"No problem. There's nothing to worry. I am more than willing to accept this stone tablet," Zachary readily agreed. Right from the beginning, he had already expected that the man would say so. Accordingly, he swiftly took the Five-God Stone Tablet without prudence.

"I have eyes in Shura College, so I will know everything that you do. You can hide nothing from me. If you have any unusual behavior, I will learn it the first time. You'd better behave yourself. And you are not allowed to reveal the secret of the Five-God Stone Tablet to anyone, not even a word. Otherwise, I'll inevitably kill you no matter whether you can decipher the contents on the stone tablet or not!" the man in black gravely warned Zachary, looking exactly like a devil. His gaze looked calm but eerily piercing. Zachary couldn't help feeling a pang of nervousness swelling within him.

"Don't worry, sir. I have never risked my life doing anything. It was my last resort to trace you this time," Zachary promised helplessly. He acted calmly as he fought hard the panic engulfing him. He wouldn't have had any dealings with such a ferocious man if it wasn't for the abnormal tracking quest given by the system.

"You can leave now," the man in black ordered dismissively, with a brisk wave of his hand. Then his eyes turned heavy.

Zachary smiled, feeling relieved when he heard those words and speedily left with the Five-God Stone Tablet in his hand. But before he headed out, he specially glanced at the name on the gravestone, which read "Tomb of Elsa Han."

'Elsa Han? So similar to Elva Han, ' he thought to himself, but he didn't take it to heart. Without thinking that much, he exerted the Shadow Pace and disappeared at once.

A few moments just after Zachary left, a slender figure quickly appeared out of nowhere. She especially looked hot in a feline dress. And with a powerful aura of Imperial Level, her demeanor projected something extraordinary.

"Logan, aren't you afraid that he might run away with the Five-God Stone Tablet? After all, the stone tablet is unique in the world," the woman inquired immediately, maintaining eye contact with the man in black.

"The stone tablet is of no value in reality. What is truly worth is that what engraved on it. I've ordered someone to make several copies. That's why the stone tablet is not of any value in itself. It's meaningl

hstanding, Zachary could not utilize all of the treasure-hunting coins for the lottery because it would cost him many treasure-hunting coins to buy a great number of materials from Anne to refine the body of Andrew's spiritual soul. Moreover, he also needed coins to train the Blazing Roc and the Thunder Dragon Horse. All these being considered and after a moment's hesitation, he decided to use half of the treasure-hunting coins to try his luck instead.

So when he reached the Peach Blossom Forest, Zachary immediately made his way towards the Light Wonder Cauldron, where he could draw the Cultivation Boosting Pills. He paused for a bit and then ordered, "Mimi, put five hundred treasure-hunting coins in it."

"It's done. Now, you can start drawing the Cultivation Boosting Pills," Mimi quickly responded.

"Draw lots at one time." Zachary didn't bother to draw one by one, so he assigned it to Mimi.

In no time, the Light Wonder Cauldron gave a buzzing sound and emitted a gleaming light. And after a long time, however, it suddenly calmed down. And no pills were coming out from the circular hole of the cauldron.

"What? I didn't get even one pill... Are you kidding me?" Zachary goggled his eyes, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry. He was distressed that the five hundred treasure-hunting coins were suddenly gone in vain.

But Zachary was not the kind of man who would give up easily. Therefore he immediately pointed at the Light Wonder Cauldron and shouted, "Throw another five thousand. Damn it! Dare you swallow these treasure-hunting coins again?"

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