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   Chapter 301 The Two Men

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 8221

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Zachary marveled at the strength of the murderous intent, since he could feel it even while a long way off. Narrowing his eyes, he grew even more alert than before.

'I don't know what's going on over there, ' he thought, watching the hillside. 'But it must be something very important. I'd better just wait and see how it turns out.'

Meanwhile, the two figures who appeared to be Sage Level warriors continued to stare at each other down. At any second a fierce battle seemed sure to break out, and yet they waited, face to face.

Finally one of them spoke. He was clad in a green robe, and despite being a little short in stature, he carried himself with an uncanny air of dignity, or perhaps even majesty. He projected his voice so that it echoed through the night sky, clearly wanting to make sure his voice could be heard. "It is time for this to end. Whatever your grievances, you can settle them with me, instead of taking it out on the people of the Shura College. Over these past few months, we have lost more than a few warriors of Imperial Level. And it was you who killed them, wasn't it?"

Concentrating, Zachary took a closer look at the one who had spoken. He looked over a hundred years old, but he had a ruddy, confident face, and was clearly in high spirits. His opponent, apparently middle-aged, looked no stronger than him.

'Sounds like he's some big shot at the Shura College, ' Zachary thought. Turning, he studied the other combatant. This one wore a black cloak, which fluttered and rustled in the midnight wind. His whole manner seemed undeniably sinister. 'This man must be a ferocious and vicious villain, ' Zachary told himself. 'I'd be willing to bet that my tracking quest may have something to do with these two people!'

The man in black replied with a shout of his own, but one filled with disdain and contempt, "Cut the crap, old man. I am here now, and I'm not going to leave this place empty-handed!"

"Why are you so stubborn?" replied the older man in a voice that was suddenly torn with regret. "Why torture yourself like this? We both know that you don't really want to be an enemy of the Shura College. You're simply looking for a way to vent the hatred that has built up inside you. But shouldn't that hate be gone by now? Haven't enough years passed? If not, let me help you to get rid of it, so that it need not haunt you anymore. I would do nothing less for a former disciple such as yourself."

"You ha

ent with amazement. "I cannot believe your strength has advanced to such a degree," he said.

"Enough of that nonsense," the younger man snorted. "I've been bored with this fight, and disappointed. I know you've been holding back up till now."

"So have you. Am I right?" asked the old man.

The man in black glared at him with a new fury. "Yes, you're right. I didn't use all of my strength either. That's because I don't want you to die just yet. I want you to see how I will destroy the Shura College first."

The green-robed man did not look perturbed by this. In fact, there was a knowing sparkle in his eye. "Indeed? Why not do it earlier? Why wait until now? You still have feelings for the Shura College. I know it."

"That's because I need to deal with the Xiao Clan first," the other man sneered back. "You see, they're the ones who framed me in the past. Once I've gotten rid of them, your precious college will be my next target."

For the second time, the old man seemed genuinely shocked. "What, the Xiao Clan? You mean to destroy them as well?"

This new piece of information was just as meaningful to Zachary, as well. 'It seems the Xiao Clan isn't as moral and upstanding as everyone likes to think, ' he thought. 'In fact, the more I hear about them, the worse they seem. They even set this poor man up. But wait! His experience sounds familiar!' As he turned this over in his mind, Zachary could not help but sympathize with the figure in black. On first seeing him, he had judged him as a villain. He hadn't guessed that this man might have gone through the same sort of miserable experience as himself.

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