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   Chapter 299 Dark Horses

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"How is that even possible? It's preposterous for him to have a weapon that was forged by a Sage Level weapon refiner. Besides, this weapon doesn't fit in to any level. It is not even a weapon. If it's not a weapon, he has broken the rule of this very competition." Anthony immediately barked back in response. It was impossible for him to watch Luke lose to an outsider like Zachary. Besides, he was sure that Zachary had taken out some strange item to confuse them as a plot for his victory.

"Anthony, if the weapon were to be assessed individually, it certainly wouldn't be called a weapon. But once the weapon is implanted into a human body, it will be something that weapons of the same level can't even bother measure up to," Parker replied, almost hissing at the utter insult.

Anthony stood there stunned by what he had heard. He certainly wouldn't doubt the authority of Parker even for a heartbeat. Since Parker was confident with what he had declared, Anthony had nothing else to say against. Therefore, he asked, "What on earth is that thing? Is the junk really that powerful after all?"

"This weapon is known to be an artificial bone that was forged from imitating the structure of a human's bone. It can replace human bones, and once it is implanted into the four limbs of a human and replaces the original bones, the four limbs will have superior destructive power. Although this weapon is only at the Earth Level, the materials used for making it are extremely rare and precious. In addition, it can be infinitely upgraded, and to call it a magic weapon would not be overstating its description. As such, it is the reason I noted that only a Sage Level weapon refiner has the refining technique to forge this type of weapon. Moreover, as far as I know, on the entire Supernal Continent, the number of Sage Level weapon refiners that could refine such an artificial bone would be no more than three." Parker's words sent the crowd to a big uproar.

All the people present were dumbfounded and seemed to be unable to believe of such a tale. However, since it was Parker who had said it, they had no reason not to believe it. Of course, the most important thing now was that this low-level but highly demanding weapon was actually from someone like Zachary. Regardless of where this weapon had come from, all the people started to look at him in a completely different manner.

At this moment, Zachary was still very calm. In fact, this artificial bon

nk of an eye.

Early in the morning, after Zachary left the system, he went directly to the weapon refining room for classes. As soon as he arrived at the door, he suddenly smelled an enchanting scent like that of a mature woman, one that he was very familiar of.

"What brings you here, Master Tracy?" The ends of the man's lips tugged upwards into a smile. He didn't need to waste time and guess to know who she was.

At this time, Tracy's gorgeous figure appeared in front of Zachary. A hint of smile appeared in her beautiful eyes as she said, "How did you know I'm here?"

"That mesmerizing scent of yours is enough to attract the bees and butterflies ten miles around," Zachary joked and chuckled as he turned to face her.

"You are such an easy man. I heard you managed to defeat three disciples from the Xiao Clan who have just been promoted to Heaven Level weapon refiners," she said and rolled her eyes at Zachary.

"It was just a friendly competition, nothing more," Zachary replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"It's not easy to defeat the up-and-rising stars of the Shura College. They are all elite disciples of the Xiao Clan. Now the whole college is talking about your competition yesterday and nothing else. It seems that the competition had a great influence to the disciples. But you should keep in mind that the Xiao Clan is one of the biggest clans in the Devil Kingdom. It would be no good for you or any other warriors of Sage Level in the Celestial College if you offended Anthony. You should understand what I mean!" said Tracy in a low voice, warning the other and making sure he knew how severe this meant.

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