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   Chapter 298 Surprise

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Parker was a bit hesitant in speaking, because he knew that everyone would be shocked at the announcement of the result. However, it was an obvious fact and Luke had written down the materials himself. Parker knew that he couldn't throw dust in the people's eyes despite everything, so he declared, "What Harley said is unquestionably faultless!"

All of a sudden, the room fell into a disturbing silence. No one would have expected that Zachary would only need to rely on sheer naked eyes and sense of smell to accurately analyze the casting materials that were used for Luke's man-made weapon. Anyone with a discerning eye could easily tell that this was not just from sheer dumb luck.

At the moment, Luke was also struck dumb with amazement. He couldn't believe that Zachary would be able to do this much single-handedly.

"This guy is really something else!" Anthony frowned in resentment and the muscles on his face were twitching a little from the sheer annoyance that burnt inside him. However, he truly had to admit that Zachary was really someone completely different, because even he did not have full confidence to accurately figure out the casting materials of Luke's weapon. To do this, one must have rich and wide enough experience in casting along with some insight into the structures of all kinds of weapons. Otherwise, it was impossible to make a final judgment.

"It's your turn now. Come on, I'm pretty sure I can beat you!" Luke shouted at Zachary, not sure if the reason for his burning throat was due to the shouting or his complete self-denial. What he was sure of was that he was not convinced that the other could do so well without any external help.

With a smile, Zachary materialized a three-star weapon, and Luke immediately went and guessed its casting materials effortlessly.

After several more rounds, Luke, who was full of confidence prior to this, was now sweating and his face was slightly paler than before. Every round, the weapon that Zachary took out was a star higher than the one before. After these rounds, the weapons he brought out had already reached the seven stars. Luke would not be easily defeated given his cultivation strength, but the weapons that Zachary displayed were of higher stars and an increas

iron tool." Luke began to question himself as he couldn't make a final deduction.

"Let Master Parker check it himself, and you will know whether or not it's a weapon of Earth Level," Zachary proposed.

As soon as Luke took the suggestion, he handed the weapon to the master. Parker was quite interested in this weapon, because even he knew that Zachary wouldn't be driven so bored as to take out an ordinary iron rod to fool the people. Therefore, he seriously examined it the moment it was in his hands.

"How could this be? This is impossible!" After a moment, Parker shook his head in great astonishment. His hands that held the weapon began to shake violently as if he had been shocked by something electrical.

All of the people were surprised to hear what he had said. They looked at him, wondering why he seemed so stunned and why he looked so pale.

There was a cold look reflected in Anthony's eyes.

"Master Parker, is this seemingly a junk weapon?" Luke asked in a low, almost growling tone.

"Yes, and no," Parker replied in a self-contradictory tone, shaking his head.

"What do you mean by that?" Luke asked, confused.

"Although this is a weapon of Earth Level, only a weapon refiner of Sage Level would be able to cast it." Parker couldn't help the obvious quiver in his voice.

A dead silence befell the scene. The weapon which looked like a piece of scrap iron was actually casted by a weapon refiner of Sage Level. The crowd just couldn't believe what they had heard.

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