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   Chapter 293 The Return Of Anthony

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The Xiao Clan's manor was located in the luxurious district of Zenith City.

Anthony sat on his golden chair in the great hall, his face livid. Four warriors of Imperial Level surrounded him, three men and a woman. They were the seniors of the Xiao Clan and were responsible for some of Zenith City's important affairs.

"Why so grim, young master? Has someone upset you? Do you want me to find him and make him kowtow to you?" one of the three men asked. He was not the most handsome or the most intelligent among Anthony's men. His name was Desmond Fan.

"Do you honestly think our young master needs you to fight his battles, Desmond? He can take care of himself just fine. Whoever offended him must have a powerful background, and unlike you, we don't just go around picking fights with everyone who displeases us. We use our brains," retorted the female warrior. She was scantily clad, bare chested, and plump. Her name was Jasmine Yu.

Desmond Fan whipped his head toward Jasmine Yu. "It's my duty as a member of the Xiao Clan to seek revenge for our young master. He who offends our young master offends the Xiao Clan. I don't care if he has a powerful background. Nobody upsets the Xiao Clan," Desmond Fan said in contempt.

"Our young master isn't a child. He knows what to do. Cool your jets, brute." Jasmine Yu rolled her eyes.

"What did you just call me? And did you just roll your eyes at me, bitch?" Desmond Fan's nostrils flared. He made a step toward Jasmine Yu.

"You heard me. Or would you prefer something that sounds more like your name? Let's see. Desmond...oh, right! Demon!" she taunted.

"You..." Desmond Fan flared up into a fury.

"Cut it out, both of you!" Anthony screamed. "I don't know what kind of background that man has, but he was with Polly."

"What? Polly? Is she Polly Qiu, the one that has come to our head's birthday party?" The four warriors exchanged glances in surprise. They knew that Polly was not an ordinary woman, so the man she was with must also come from a prominent clan.

"Young master, Polly is exc

o he's powerful after all," Anthony mused. He did not expect Zachary to have reached the King Level. Zachary did not look like it.

"He's been doing well at the college. He recently passed the weapon refiner assessment of Earth Level with only a month's training," Edward said.

"A weapon refiner at the Earth Level? Not exactly that impressive," Anthony snorted. "What's his background?"

"I heard his background is the least remarkable of the ten disciples from his college," Edward replied.

"A weapon refiner at the Earth Level with a lackluster background dared embarrass me at the Phoenix House. Now I'm really pissed." Anthony fumed with rage. But now that he knew that Zachary did not have a strong background, he could rest assured and deal with him with minimal to zero collateral damage.

"You must not let this slide, young master. We must make him pay," Edward prodded. "The other disciples of the Celestial College are just as arrogant as him. They don't take the Shura College seriously."

"I didn't plan to go back to the college so soon, but it seems that I'm needed there to get rid of some Celestial College scum," Anthony said menacingly.

"Indeed you are, young master," Edward agreed.

The next day, Anthony returned to the Shura College, stirring the usually quiet campus alive. Many disciples ran out to welcome him like crazed fans.

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