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   Chapter 287 Xiao Clan's Young Master

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"I really meant it. I have never praised anyone like this before, even the two ladies from our Celestial College!" Zachary insisted, pretending to be honest.

"Humph! How can I believe that?" Although Polly said that, her face still flushed with a touch of pleasure. She was somewhat delighted and excited.

"When will the auction start?" Zachary inquired. There was a hint of eagerness in his tone as he looked at Polly.

"I guess soon," Polly mumbled while she averted her eyes to look upward, checking the sky to detect time.

"It's my first time to come here, and if you are not in a hurry, could you please be my guide and show me around?" asked Zachary, not wanting to sound pushy. He just needed to take the opportunity to visit Zenith City.

"Let's go!" Polly immediately said without declining his request. She wore a controlled smile on her face.

After they readied themselves, they began to wander in Zenith City. Since the Devil Kingdom attached great importance to weapon casting and refining, almost ninety percent of the shops in the city were selling weapons and casting materials. But unexpectedly, these shops were only selling ordinary weapons and casting materials. They were too conventional and had nothing special in them.

Zachary, who initially was so eager to visit the place, started to look bored as he didn't find anything interesting along the way. Finally, they reached the Phoenix House, which was in the west of the city.

It stirred something within him as this house caught his attention. The Phoenix House was a three-story building that was brimmed with glazed tiles and carved jade pillars. Compared with the buildings around, it stood out from the crowd.

When they made their way into the building, they discovered that the place was quite big. It was the size of more than ten ordinary shops. Everything was placed in order. On the shelves, there were all kinds of weapons and casting materials, which were also complete and more exquisite than those found at the ordinary shops. Particularly the casting materials, many of them were very difficult to be collected.

At this second, people were packed among those shelves, bustling with noise and excitement. The whole place was indeed crowded.

"It looks like a mini supermarket. I'll have one someday," Zachary couldn't help exclaiming to himself. That was an eye-opener for him. He hadn't expected that there was such a selling operation l

The materials he wants are of our premium quality and in large volumes," the accountant replied slowly.

"I don't care if it's expensive. I'll sell some of my treasures to buy them," remarked Zachary, who didn't think it was such a big deal. He had planned to do it.

"Let me pay for you," insisted Polly after thinking for a while. Now that she had promised, there was no way to take it back. On the contrary, she was not really short of money.

Just when Polly was about to pay the bill, a low voice came from the other side. "You are just a useless man. How could you flirt with girls without a coin in your pocket? Why are you not ashamed of yourself? How shameless of you to ask Polly to pay for you!"

Zachary quickly turned his head at the direction of the voice and saw a tall, thin young man dressed in luxury clothes, shaking a fan painted with peach blossoms. He looked domineering, followed by four warriors of Heaven Level. Although the young man's breath was somewhat restrained, his aura at the medium stage of King Level could still be felt.

"It's you?!" Polly exclaimed. When she recognized the young man, she rolled her eyes without knowing it.

A lot of warriors around them, who were also paying the bills in front of the counter, turned frenzy. They whispered and pointed at the young man as if they all knew him.

After listening for a while, Zachary soon identified who the young man was.

This young man was notably someone. He was none other than the son of the head of Xiao Clan—the second most powerful clan in the Devil Kingdom. That was the young master of the Xiao Clan, Anthony Xiao.

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