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   Chapter 285 The Xiao Clan

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It didn't take Zachary too long to figure out what was on Queenie's mind. Hoping to save her some trouble, he said, "Don't get any bright ideas, just because I got the natural energy fire with the wood element. It almost cost me my life, and I might not be so lucky if I tried it again. Besides, to get that kind of fire, you need to find martial beasts or treasure beasts that have the natural energy fire with the wood element, and none of those are here around the Shura College. I'm afraid you'll just have to wait a while before another opportunity presents itself."

"Humph! I don't believe you," Queenie scoffed. "I'll just figure out a way by myself." Despite her stubbornness, she wasn't stupid. She was perfectly aware that Zachary, Rebecca, and herself had only survived the previous night by a fluke. Putting others in danger for the pursuit of her own goals didn't sit well with her. Her own safety was more negotiable, however, and if she thought she had a chance, she would fight for it.

"It's up to you," said Zachary, calm as ever. "But as for me, I will keep my word."

Queenie was speechless at his words. After all the time she'd spent getting to know him, she was confident that Zachary was a good, decent man, though his secretive nature sometimes got frustrating. Even so, it wasn't easy to forgive him for having announced in public that he wanted her to be his wife.

"Rebecca," Zachary added, "you can't tell anyone that you own any energy fire. It must remain secret, at least for now. Understand?"

Rebecca nodded immediately.

"Then we've nothing more to discuss right now." With that, Zachary left the room.

A few days passed, and nothing unusual happened.

Zachary was busy with all kinds of tasks, such as continuing his cultivation and giving guidance to Queenie and Rebecca. Although he seldom had time for rest, he was happy.

But his peaceful life was soon broken. One day after finishing his class as usual, he left the weapon refining room, intent on continuing the quests assigned to him by Anne. As he went along, however, he soon noticed a few people following him at a distance. They seemed ordinary, but in a way actually too ordinary, as though they were spying on him. This wasn't the first time, either. Two days before, he had noticed somebody else seeming to show up wherever he went. At the time, he had dismissed it as a coincidence. This time, how

ered, infuriated yet again.

At this point, one of his disciples spoke up. "You impudent brat, how can you speak this way to our young master Edward? He is the youngest son of the third son of the first aunt of the second uncle of the leader of the Xiao Clan. Therefore, he is a very influential member indeed. Offending him is the same as offending the entire Xiao Clan."

"So many twists and turns," Zachary remarked, nodding. "But basically, he's distantly related to the people in the clan who are actually important. I understand now!"

Even more enraged, Edward Xiao smacked the disciple who had spoken on the side of him on the head. "You shut up!" he scolded.

The man put on a plaintive face and said nothing more.

"All right, enough of this," Edward Xiao snarled, turning back to Zachary. "Hand over your treasures, and be quick about it. I'm not a patient man!"

"Is that so? Well, neither am I." As he said this, Zachary stared each of the men down darkly, coldly. "You have until the count of three to get out of my sight, or I promise that you'll need someone to carry you back to the Xiao Clan's house. And don't let me find you here ever again."

Despite themselves, all the men, except for Edward Xiao, shivered with fear and surprise.

The man they had chosen as a target was as tough as an iron plate, and clearly couldn't be bullied easily. But Edward Xiao wasn't quite ready to admit defeat yet. He mastered his voice and said, "Friend, it seems you are refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit. Are you so sure you're not afraid to be an enemy of the entire Xiao Clan?"

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