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   Chapter 283 Rebecca Fainted

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In this bad situation, Zachary's face turned pale. In hurry, he asked the Blazing Roc to jump down and he held Rebecca before she fell on the ground.

Unfortunately, another wave of cyan light rushed over and attacked them.

Amid this dangerous situation, Zachary felt he must release the power of his Holy Bone Bracer once again to protect Rebecca from the powerful attack.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Abruptly, the wave of cyan light exploded around Zachary. It turned into a cloud of blue flowers.

After that, Zachary fell to the ground and spat out several mouthfuls of blood, holding Rebecca in his arms.

At the same time, Queenie was also in terrible condition with her clothes torn.

"How is she?" Queenie asked worriedly while seeing Rebecca fainted in Zachary's arms.

"It seems that she cannot completely absorb with the natural energy fire of the wood element. Anyhow, we need to get out of here now," Zachary replied coldly.

"I'm afraid it's too late," Queenie replied. Then she turned and looked back in startle because dozens of wood whiskers wildly dropping down and sweeping toward them.

Meanwhile, other several waves of cyan light followed. It seemed like their death getting closer.

Then, the cyan whiskers and light shadow fell at the same time. Within a few hundred meters of a circle, a dazzling light suddenly took shape and swallowed everything instantly.

After quite a moment passed, the light gradually disappeared, and the Demonic Flower Beast slowly moved and disappeared in the ruined land.

At the same time, as Queenie stared down helplessly, her eyes suddenly opened up. That was when she came back to her senses and realized, they all had arrived at a mysterious room where she and Rebecca used to practice weapon refining skills.

"Rebecca!" Queenie walked up to Rebecca, who still lay unconsciously in Zachary's arms. She reached out her hand and touched Rebecca lightly. Unexpectedly, she felt a powerful burning sensation in Rebecca. "How could this even possible?" Queenie asked in awe.

"I didn't expect that natural energy fire of the wood element to be this powerful. Rebecca is unable to absorb the natural energy fire completely. If she continues to be in this state, I am afraid she might be swallowed by the natural energy fire," Zachary stated coldly.

"It's all because of you, Harley! If it weren't you, Rebecca wouldn't be in a dangerous state like now." Queenie stared at Zachary angril

e-Dragon Meridian, the other Ice Needles also melted in an instant. The restrained martial energy went out of control in Zachary's body, causing him to be in a crazy state.

Meanwhile, the martial energy from Anne broke through the last barrier of Nine-Dragon Meridian along with Zachary's martial energy. Suddenly, the Nine-Dragon Meridian was connected with other meridians and increased in his martial speed. Under the control of Nine-Dragon Meridian, his martial energy flowed in his body like a hurricane passed through the horizon.

"It's done," Anne said to Zachary.

Then, Zachary released the power from the Holy Bone Bracer and began to absorb the natural energy fire of the wood element from Rebecca's body. In the next moment, he felt all his meridians were trembling and expanding like they were about to explode. His heart beat became faster and his bloodstream increased significantly. Powerful cracks happened to his body and brain, and he was paralyzed for a moment.

Shortly, Zachary's consciousness was gradually faded away. His eyelids became heavier. The situation was crucial because once he passed out, all his efforts would be failed.

Therefore, he immediately gritted his teeth and tried his best to stay awake. Time passed, but he felt like being tortured.

It seemed like the time passed so long and finally, Zachary's meridians began to adapt to the raging martial energy and the natural energy fire of the wood element in his body.

At the same time, as a part of the natural energy fire was sucked out by Zachary and by cause of the restraint of the Ice Jade Bed, Rebecca progressively recovered.

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