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   Chapter 280 Chilly Water Refining Skill

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"Then this manual should be for me!" Seeing that Rebecca had received the secret manual on the Flushing Tree Refining Skill, Queenie grabbed the other one from Zachary. "Chilly Water Refining Skill?" Queenie read the manual's cover. "Is it suitable for martial energy with the water element? And how do you know that I've been cultivating the water element?"

After Zachary fought with Queenie last time, he surmised that her cultivation method had the water element because of the chilly sense in her martial energy. It was not that hard to guess.

"Chilly... Chilly Water Refining Skill? Another weapon refining skill with an element." Parker looked at the manual in Queenie's hand and was in shock. Even in the Shura College, there were only two weapon refining skills with an element. Zachary took two of such skills and gave them away. Being generous was absolutely an understatement.

Everyone present were completely dumbfounded and desired those skills.

The young man was also jealous.

"I don't need any of these weapon refining skills at the Earth Level. They can choose now," Zachary said, his hands clasped behind his back.

Parker was stunned for a moment. The fact that Zachary could possess weapon refining skills with an element meant he himself must have practiced some profound weapon refining skill. Surely he would not need the skills at the Earth Level.

The young man and the other disciple made their choices.

"The weapon refining skill will help you build an important foundation for weapon refining. You must remember that, and you must practice hard. After becoming a weapon refiner at the Earth Level, you have to start cultivating energy fire. I will teach you how to do it. The cultivation of energy fire depends on your comprehension ability. Some many take a few months or even a few years. Others can't cultivate it at all. I wish you all good luck. Should you fail to cultivate, you can rely on energy fire stone

ergy fire can only be obtained through cultivating?" Queenie asked in confusion.

"The natural energy fire is a kind of strange force. If one is able to fuse with the natural energy fire, they will possess the energy fire without cultivating," Zachary explained.

"Really?" Queenie and Rebecca were stunned. They had never heard of such kind of fire before.

Martial beasts or treasure beasts that possessed natural energy fire were very rare, and they were not really common knowledge. Very few weapon refiners knew about fusing with the natural energy fire, so most weapon refiners cultivate energy fires themselves.

If it were not for the Treasure-hunting System's record of the Olden World, Zachary would not have known this piece of important information.

"Yes. You still have a lot to learn," Zachary answered.

"Why didn't you tell us about it earlier?" Queenie pushed.

"What difference does it make, Queenie?" Zachary snapped. "Beasts with natural energy fire are very rare. They're much harder to find compared to a treasure beast. At this point, we're relying on luck. I can't promise anything," Zachary explained.

"How do you know this horrible place contains exactly what we're looking for?" Rebecca could not help asking, seeing that he seemed to be very sure about it.

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