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   Chapter 279 Flushing Tree Refining Skill

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Once they passed the assessment of the weapon refiners of Earth Level, the three of them had to learn more advanced weapon refining skills, so they were promoted to the class of Earth Level at the same time. This meant that they had been able to skip the class of Mortal Level.

Generally speaking, after a newcomer received a period of training and passed the star-rated assessment of one star of Mortal Level, they would be promoted to the class of Mortal Level and only then would formally become a weapon refiner of Mortal Level.

But since Zachary and his companions had passed the assessment directly by skipping a level, they had managed to become weapon refiners at the Earth Level. However, apart from Zachary, Queenie and Rebecca hadn't learned any formal weapon refining skills. The previous guidance that he gave them had only been nothing more than common basic weapon refining skills.

For this, Zachary specially went back to seek help from Anne.

"Master Anne, I have two friends who are quite talented in weapon refining, but they don't own any weapon refining skills that are suitable for them to learn. Do you have any other weapon refining skills other than the Heavenly Weapon Refining Skill?" Zachary asked seriously. He knew that the Heavenly Weapon Refining Skill was exclusively given to him, so he couldn't just give it to Queenie and Rebecca.

"Oh, I've known about it for quite some time. I happen to have two pretty good weapon refining skills, but I don't know if those are suitable for them to cultivate. If they are suitable, just send these two weapon refining skills to them as gifts from me. Also, it's good for you to have more friends!" Anne suggested kindly. Then, she materialized two weapon refining manuals and handed them to Zachary.

Zachary accepted them and took a good look at both. One of them was the Chilly Water Refining Skill, and the other was the Flushing Tree Refining Skill.

"These two manuals are of the water element and wood element respectively. The martial energy of Queenie is as cold as frost, so the water element should be more than suitable for her. The martial energy of Rebecca leans closer to the wood element in my opinion. I think these two manuals would be quite suitable for the both of them," Zachary concluded.

"That's good to hear. But to cultivate a weapon refining skill with an element, you can only double the result with half its effort with the help of the energy fire with the same element. However, it's not an easy task for one to cultivate the energy fire with an element. I'm afraid that it will take quite some time," Anne reminded him.

"I know that. I'm going to take them out to see if we are lucky enough to f

alized in his palms; the two manuals that were given by none other than Anne.

"Rebecca, this Flushing Tree Refining Skill is suitable for the warriors who have martial energy of the wood element in them. After you succeed in cultivating the martial energy of the wood element in the near future, you can make a weapon with the wood element for yourself," Zachary elaborated and handed over the said manual to Rebecca.

"Flushing Tree Refining Skill, you say? Isn't that a very rare weapon refining skill with an element? In the Supernal Continent, there are absolutely no more than twenty weapon refining skills with elements. Even in our Shura College, there are only two secret weapon refining skills with elements. But only those powerful warriors of Sage Level would be able to even reach the qualifications to cultivate them!" Parker shouted, unconvinced. He didn't expect that Zachary could casually show them such a rare weapon refining skill.

Every disciple was stunned by his words. They had thought that Zachary was just bragging a moment ago. It never occurred to them that he could be so powerful that he would be able to show them a very rare weapon refining skill.

"Do you really want to give me such a great weapon refining skill? Wouldn't it be better for you to have it?" Hearing this, Rebecca was also stunned for a moment. She understood the value of such a weapon refining skill from Parker's words, but Zachary gave it to her without a moment's hesitation.

"Just take it as a gift." Zachary smiled at her.

"Rebecca, don't think too much and just take it. If you don't, he will just give it to some girl we don't know. Keep the goodies to yourself!" Queenie pushed her in a hurry.

After hesitating for a while, Rebecca finally accepted the Flushing Tree Refining Skill.

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