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   Chapter 278 Zachary's Weapon Refining Achievements

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Updated: 2020-02-27 04:53

Zachary smacked the furnace with his bare hand. The impact caused a cyan shadow infused with some form of magical weapon to rush out. It amazed all the onlookers as they gazed at the beam of light that had just flashed through in front of their eyes.

Even the judges looked stunned. After all, they had never born witness to such illogical refining steps. There was more to it than they could comprehend. What surprised them most was the weapon that had come out of the furnace. From what they could see, it didn't look like an ordinary MH weapon of Earth Level.

Both Queenie and Rebecca looked at each other in confusion. But they immediately collected themselves and let out a sigh of relief. It was obvious that Zachary had completed the refining steps, albeit in an unconventional way.

The man who despised Zachary was also clearly stunned with his eyes wide and his jaw hanging open. He was rendered speechless, clearly incapable of coming up with the right words, unable to believe what he had just seen.

The MH weapon Zachary had just summoned from the sky landed in his hand. The cyan light hadn't receded, but its real body had taken shape. It was a saber twice as large as his palm. While it looked ordinary, it emitted a strong aura, making everyone believe it to be an extremely powerful weapon.

After that, the MH weapon which was made by Zachary was sent to the appraisal stand, waiting for the assessment from the judges.

The judges began to examine it. Their solemn faces gave the impression that they were studying some precious treasure. Not long after, they began to argue with one another, their faces turning red. It seemed that they hadn't reached an agreement yet.

"I think it's a seven-star weapon," one of them said.

"Only a seven-star one? Nah, from my point of view, it's an eight-star weapon," another one insisted.

"Why don't we rank it at six stars? If its rank is too high, people will revolt and refuse our ruling!" a third judge exclaimed.

Of course, the judges hadn't cared to lower their voices, meaning everyone present could hear what they were saying.

There were only dumbfounded expressions on their faces. The reason behind their current states was very simple. It didn't matter whether the MH weapon was a six-star weapon, a seven-star weapon, or even an eight-star weapon. The most important thing was that Zachary had such a powerful skill as a weapon refiner. He was so talented that he could create such a powerful and high-ranking weapon with such ease.

Everyone knew that a weapon refiner could break through to a higher level once they obtained three stars in each level. But that usually took a rather long time before it happened. During the process, ordinary weapon refiners would focus on improving th

o stars and two disciples also passed the assessment of one star. Only three disciples including Alger had failed.

It was amazing that seven out of ten disciples from the Celestial College had passed the assessments, though.

The next day, news that three disciples including Zachary had passed the assessment of weapon refiners of Earth Level had widely spread. Meanwhile, the news that many other disciples from the Celestial College also passed the star-rated assessment was circulating all around Shura College. That naturally caused a great sensation. Zachary's and the two women's performances were much better than those who had gone to Shura College on an exchange program to study.

However, Shura College's management team hadn't given any official statement. Because, aside for the three people who passed the assessment of weapon refiners of Earth Level, the other seven disciples' progress was reasonably justified. As for Zachary and the two women, two of them happened to be the most powerful disciples in the Celestial College. Queenie, especially, ranked at number one. So the management team had considered the results rather reasonable.

The only thing the Shura College couldn't accept was Zachary's performance. Everyone knew that his strength was the lowest among the ten disciples from the Celestial College. But he had put on a stunning and excellent performance during the assessment. It was no wonder that the management team had decided to keep a close eye on him.

Of course, the only reason why Zachary decided to show his extraordinary talent and skills in the assessment was that he had a more ambitious purpose. He was determined to become the most powerful and talented person in Shura College. Yes, he had surprised everyone with his extraordinary skills during the assessment, but that was just the beginning.

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