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   Chapter 274 Weapon Refiner Assessment

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"Why are there so many rules?" Queenie fumed.

"Would you prefer I stop teaching you then?" Zachary replied casually.

Queenie bit back her anger. They chose this. They need Zachary to help them improve their weapon refining skills the fastest way possible.

"There's no way out of this weapon refining room, so any attempt at escape would be futile," Zachary said as he left the room and returned to the Peach Blossom Forest for his cultivation.

With Zachary's words, Queenie and Rebecca were curious about the framework of the room. But as they had asked him to help them, they had no choice but to tolerate his methods however despicable.

The two walked to their respective sets of weapon refining equipment and began reviewing what they had learned today.

Two hours later, Zachary was back in the weapon refining room. Because of the heat inside, Queenie and Rebecca were completely drenched in sweat, their clothes clinging to their bodies and almost transparent. He could see through their shirts now even in the dim light. He especially marveled at their plump breasts that he had not noticed before.

Queenie and Rebecca looked up and saw Zachary looking at them lewdly. They lowered their heads and found themselves almost exposed in their sweat-soaked clothes. Queenie crossed her arms and said, "Like what you see, prick? Look at us like that again, and we'll gouge your eyes out."

"Rule number four: never threaten me," Zachary answered remorselessly.

Queenie fell silent as Rebecca balled her hands into fists. Zachary was being an utter pervert, but they could do nothing at all about it.

Zachary directed his eyes toward their practice results. He immediately shook his head as if deeming them completely miserable.

"Horrible. Both of you must be punished. Should you do it to each other, or should I do it myself?" Zachary smirked, crossing his arms.


a genius if they could become a weapon refiner of Earth Level within a year. If you want to achieve that in a month, you must go through training that ordinary people can't bear," Zachary said seriously.

Queenie and Rebecca fell silent. What he had said was reasonable. If they wanted to make a great coup in a month, they would have to exert more effort than ordinary people would.

"After the punishment, you two continue to practice until I am satisfied," Zachary said and left again.

The two ladies were helpless. But in order to pass the next month's assessment of weapon refiners of Earth Level, they had to work hard. Of course, they were cursing Zachary in their minds.

A month had passed, and it finally came to the monthly assessment of weapon refiners.

The weapon refiner assessment was divided into the star-rated assessment and the level-rated assessment. The star-rated assessment was to determine a weapon refiner's stars.

Only those three-star weapon refiners or higher could sign up for the level-rated assessment.

Compared to the star-rated assessment, the level-rated assessment of the Shura College was more severe. Only warriors of Imperial Level or even Sage Level with strong weapon refining skills were called to judge.

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