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   Chapter 273 Setting Rules

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"You have promised him, so you should keep your promise. You can only cast some simple parts of the body with your current strength, but you can use the casting process to raise your weapon refining level. With the Heavenly Weapon Refining Skill I taught you, you are able to cast everything," Anne explained to Zachary.

"Got it. Give me the quest," Zachary nodded.

After taking the collection quest, Zachary left the Living-dead Tomb and went back to the system to make some preparations. He then left the system and headed to the designated place to complete the quest.

The next morning, Zachary went back to the farmhouse. Rebecca appeared out of nowhere and grabbed him. She dragged him to her and Queenie's room.

"Easy with the dragging, Rebecca. People may think there's something going on between us," Zachary protested. Rebecca ignored Zachary, tossed him inside the room, and shut the door behind them.

"Do I look like I care?" Rebecca challenged. Queenie was inside the room. She threw a cloth bag at Zachary, which he caught easily with one hand. "Those are the treasures we've collected. They're not many, but they should be enough to honor our deal. If you don't want them, we'll take them back," she said coldly.

Zachary smiled upon opening the bag. There were at least thirty treasures in the bag, half of which were treasures of King Level, and the rest were at the premium stage of Heaven Level. It was a great fortune and could be exchanged for a lot of treasure-hunting coins.

"Very well," Zachary chirped, closed the bag, and turned to leave.

"Wait, when do we begin?" Queenie called out to Zachary.

"I don't have time during the day because I have to attend training and learn all kinds of things. Let me teach you guys at night," Zachary answered.

"We can't use the weapon refining room in the evening. How

ed everything. Take these." He handed Queenie and Rebecca two blindfolds.

"What? Why?" Queenie and Rebecca protested.

"Rule number one: you do what I tell you to do," Zachary said. He did not want to explain too much.

"Is this really necessary?" Queenie asked coldly.

Zachary just crossed his arms as if telling Queenie and Rebecca to just shut up and put on the blindfolds. The two finally obliged.

After the two ladies covered their eyes, Zachary held their hands and instantly entered the system. He transported them to his usual weapon refining room.

The weapon refining room had changed a lot. The original Heavenly Golden Furnace was gone, and there were two sets of weapon refining equipment.

"Where are we?" Queenie asked after removing the blindfold. "Why is it dark in here?" Rebecca added.

"Rule number two: no questions," Zachary answered. "Practice what Master Samuel taught you today. I will check your results in two hours. If they're not up to my standards, you will each receive fifty spanks on the buttocks."

"How dare you!" Queenie snarled. She shot Zachary a deadly look as if telling him, 'You are so shameless and despicable!'

"Rule number three: you're not in control," Zachary said.

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