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   Chapter 268 Learning Weapon Refining

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7553

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Normally, it took at least half a year for a freshman in Shura College to start learning weapon refining. The exact time depended on their talent. Although Zachary and his companions were only beginners, they were allowed to learn weapon refining, which was unprecedented and made everyone else jealous of them.

"Polly, you join as well," Tracy said to Polly.

Polly calmly nodded her head. In fact, she could have started to learn weapon refining a long time ago, but due to her being a freshman, she wasn't allowed to do so. Nevertheless, as she had been exposed to weapon refining when she was in her clan, she couldn't learn anything new in the current training.

Since the four disciples from the Celestial College were allowed to skip the preparation training, it was now okay for Polly to join, in spite of the fact that she was still a freshman. In the afternoon, they entered a large weapon refining room that looked like a factory, to learn weapon refining, together with other disciples from Shura College, who had just begun to learn its skills.

There were forty sets of professional weapon refining equipment, which included a furnace, a manual on weapon refining, weapon refining tools, a cold water tank, and so on.

The master who was in charge of teaching weapon refining was called Samuel Song. He dressed up like an old pedant, his hair half white; his thin eyebrows and small eyes gave him a special aura.

"When you start to learn weapon refining skills, you must first cultivate energy fire. As it is difficult to do so, beginners usually have to use the energy fire stone." Samuel Song took out an energy fire stone which glimmered with a golden light.

'Oh, I didn't know that there is a kind of energy fire stone in this world. Had I known it earlier, I would not have tried so hard to catch the Blazing Roc, and fuse its natural energy fire with the metal element, ' Zachary pondered.

"This energy fire stone is a unique treasure refined by our Shura College. You can't get it outside. An energy fire stone of Mortal Level can last one month, so you can receive it every month. But you must safeguard it. If you lose it, you can't get another one," Samuel Song stressed.

"There are thousands of weapon refining skill

threw the model Queenie had made into the furnace and began refining it.

"Humph! I don't believe you can do better than me." Then, she crossed her arms over her chest, and waited for Zachary to embarrass himself.

Zachary didn't mind Queenie's words at all. He poured the melted material into the weapon refining model, and quickly added it to the water to cool it. When it was about to solidify, he took it out and put it on the weapon refining table. Then, picking up the iron hammer, he released his martial energy and started hammering the material. Before picking it up again and resuming hammering, he put it into water to cool. After repeating that process several times, the material looked more like a weapon.

Queenie was stunned when she saw what Zachary had done. For him, it had seemed to be a piece of cake, whereas, it was so difficult for her.

Then, Zachary went on to the next step of weapon refining.

At the same time, most of the other teams had not finished making their model, as half way through the process, the molds would crack, or they couldn't form the desired shape.

Only very few groups managed to complete model making, but there was no further progress after that.

It was four hours since the groups started, but almost all of them gave up after having failed repeatedly.

Their failure was not surprising, as no freshman could successfully refine a weapon on the first day of learning weapon refining.

An excited voice suddenly shouted, "We made it!"

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