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   Chapter 266 Plant The Seedlings

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"I thought the disciples from the Celestial College were very powerful. Yet, they couldn't even plant the seedlings. They're far weaker than us," a disciple from Shura College grumbled. They made fun of the disciples from Celestial College and laughed at them.

"It was an accident!" Alger exclaimed heatedly. Blue veins bulged on his temples as his anger flared up. He hated the jerks who were making fun of him, but he had to restrain himself and focus on his task. He quickly took another seedling to plant, but it also broke before he could plant it successfully.

He tried several times until finally, he inserted one into the field. Yet, it was inserted in a haphazard and skewed manner. Fifteen minutes passed quickly and not a single line of seedlings was planted.

Alger could not even bring himself to imagine how long it would take to plant the seedlings into one acre of land. It was especially more difficult because of the disciples from Shura College who were laughing at him outright.

In his anger, he threw the basket of seedlings and stomped back to his team.

"Master Tracy, is there anything special about the seedlings?" Queenie asked at once when she saw how Alger failed. She knew that planting seedlings appeared easy, but she couldn't do it well if she didn't grasp the skill. Thus, she decided to ask for advice before anything else.

"Yes. These seedlings are special. They will grow up with water and can be used as refining materials when they are ripe. The seedlings can absorb martial energy. They can easily break if they absorb too much martial energy at one time. However, they need to absorb enough martial energy to be planted. Thus, although it looks like a normal planting activity, it's actually a special training for rookie weapon refiners. To become a weapon refiner, they have to master the martial energy. If they can't control it, they won't be able to refine any weapon," Tracy explained immediately.

"Oh, I see." Queenie nodded.

"Each of you should give it a try. Don't worry; nobody can do it well at their first try. Even for Polly, it took her a few days to adapt," Tracy added.

Except for Zachary, Queenie and the other eight disciples looked at each other in silence.

"Scott, go and have a try." After a moment of careful consideration, Queenie urged Scott to go. He was always reliable and calm which made him the perfect candidate.

Scott re


"Which one of you wants to go and have a try?" Tracy looked at the other disciples from Celestial College who didn't have a try yet.

The rest of the disciples looked at each other and shook their heads.

"Hey, you go and try!" Queenie suddenly shouted at Zachary.

"Me?" Zachary asked in surprise. He could tell from Queenie's expression that she wanted to see him fail and lose face. After all, he was the weakest among the ten of them. Naturally, his performance would be the worst.

Polly also perked up in anticipation when she heard Queenie's proposal.

"If he tried, he will only bring disgrace to our college. We'd better not let him go!" Alger said with a sneer. He completely forgot that he also failed just a few moments ago.

Zachary didn't want to join the competition at first, but when he heard Alger's words, he changed his idea. He smiled and said, "Okay, I'll try!" He picked up a basket, carried it on his back and arrived at an acre of empty farmland. Now, everyone was looking at him with great interest.

The crowd saw he taking out a black seedling from the basket. He weighed it in his hand, and then stared at the empty land in front of him. After a short while, he began to plant the seedlings slowly, without using his own movement skill, the Shadow Pace.

"Just like I said, he would lose face. He was so nervous that he even forgot to use his movement skill," Alger sneered immediately.

The disciples of Shura College also jeered and booed loudly.

However, Zachary just kept planting the seedlings. He ignored everyone and gave the task his full focus.

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