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   Chapter 265 Seedling Planting

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The next morning at dawn, both Tracy and Owen appeared in the farmhouse where Queenie and the other disciples lived. At the moment, excluding Zachary, other nine disciples were all waiting in the farmyard. Zachary, on the other hand, was missing.

"Aren't we one person short?" Tracy glanced at the other disciples standing in front of her and noticed that there was something odd with the number of people present.

"I don't know where Harley went so early in the morning, but I'm pretty sure that he should be back very soon," Queenie responded almost immediately. In fact, Zachary didn't come back last night.

"Queenie, did he come back last night?" Alger asked in suspicion. He saw Zachary yesterday, but the latter managed to slip away in front of him and Alger never saw him since.

"Yes, he did. Right, Rebecca?" Queenie had a guilty conscience.

"Yes, he came back at such an ungodly hour last night." Rebecca nodded her head in agreement. If Tracy and Owen knew that they had threatened Zachary not to live with them, they would feel that they were too arrogant and inhuman.

At this moment, Zachary, who did not return all night, stepped into the farmyard. Upon seeing that the two masters had arrived, he immediately uttered respectfully, "Good morning, Master Tracy and Master Owen."

"Where did you go this morning?" Tracy asked immediately.

"I have an old habit of exercising in the morning, so I went for a run before dawn. Not only that, I even managed to go to the famous cliff of the Shura College to watch the beautiful sunrise," Zachary answered calmly. Right after he sent Polly back yesterday, he had quickly searched the terrain of the Shura College.

Both Queenie and Rebecca felt relieved and their once tense shoulders relaxed themselves. After all, they didn't want Zachary to snitch on them.

"Is that so? It seems to me you have a good sense of adaptability. That is not bad." Tracy nodded her head, and then turned to the other nine disciples. "You all should try and be like Harley. From now on, treat Shura College as your own home. Only in this way, you can blend in better and learn with the disciples of our college."

Queenie and the others glanced at Zachary with different expressions, and they all nodded.

"Well, from today on, you will study with a group of new disciples

as going on.

"Polly, come up here and show them how it's done." Tracy motioned to the so-called goddess of the freshmen.

"Alright." Polly walked over, and took a glance at Zachary from the corner of her eye as she made her way in front of him. She then proceeded to pick up a basket filled with black seedlings, and entered one of the empty fields. Then, she used her movement skill and began to take out a seedling from the basket and inserted it into the farmland. Wherever she passed, a black seedling was neatly arranged, and even the heights of all the seedlings were extremely the same. Within less than fifteen minutes, the whole field was filled.

"Well done." Both Tracy and Owen nodded in satisfaction.

"Isn't that simple enough?" Alger uttered dismissively.

"Then you can have a try." Hearing this, Tracy looked at Alger with a tint of giddiness in her smile.

"Well, let me present to you the ability of a disciple of our Celestial College!" Alger picked up a basket filled with seedlings from the ground, and stepped into another acre of empty land. He then exerted his movement skill, took out a black seedling from the basket and inserted it into the farmland. When he inserted it into the farmland, he found that the earth was as hard as stone. So he immediately activated his martial energy and tried to push the seedling into the soil with his strong force. But as he used his strength, the seedling broke after a simple smack.

The disciples from the Shura College broke into laughter, as if they were presented a joke.

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