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   Chapter 264 Carry Polly Back

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"So what? Does it really matter? You won't marry me just because I saved you, will you? You are a beautiful woman, and I know that I don't deserve you," Zachary said modestly. He looked away from her and refused to meet her curious gaze.

"Is it because you are ugly? Is that why you're wearing a hat?" For such a powerful man, Polly didn't expect him to be humble. She was pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the strange man. However, she couldn't see what he looked like because his face was covered by his hat.

"You got me. So next time you see me, you'd better take a detour! Otherwise, I won't be able to make it up to you if I scare you accidentally," Zachary sighed playfully.

Polly burst into laughter at the man's words. Zachary was surprised but delighted by her unexpected charm. Although she wasn't the most beautiful woman he had met, he believed that if she became more comely and warm or at least lessened her coldness towards others, she would definitely attract countless men.

"You look attractive when you smile. Why are you always frowning?" sighed Zachary.

"What do you mean always? You talk like you see me a lot," Polly asked, puzzled. If Zachary saw her that often, then she should have seen him as well.

"It's normal to meet a celebrity like you several times." Zachary smiled.

"That's right. But do I often frown? I don't think so." Polly frowned a bit and touched her face in wonder. No doubt, she was trying to recall the times when she was frowning.

"You can smile more. If you do, you'll be astoundingly beautiful!" said Zachary exaggeratedly.

"Liar!" Polly rolled her eyes at him. She knew she was beautiful but she also knew when someone was just flattering her.

"Okay, it's done." As Zachary spoke, he adjusted the wooden structure on her leg.

"But how will I get back?" Polly tentatively moved her right leg. It was stuck on the wooden branches in a way that rendered her unable to move. Even though she could manage to walk, she didn't know how long it would take for her to get back to the Shura College.

"I can help you!" Zachary answered with a smile. The reason why he helped

"You're a shameless man. Why would I blame you?" Polly was speechless again.

"Well, you might blame me if your leg cannot be cured. If no one wants to marry you because of the injury, you may even ask me to marry you! I can't bear such a responsibility!" Zachary explained seriously.

Somehow, his words were just too absurd that she tended to lose her bearings.

Zachary went back to the college with Polly in his arms with no trace of subtlety. It shocked all disciples who saw this.

Even worse, the disciples of Shura College who saw them followed them in great disbelief. They hoped to know more about the mysterious man and the strange situation that had placed Polly in his arms.

Zachary, of course, didn't really mind the followers behind them. After they arrived at the healing room, he immediately disappeared. Polly sat speechless for a long time as she tried to digest the day's events.

"Who was that guy? Why was he so mysterious?" she muttered to herself.

The news that Polly was held by a mysterious man in public spread like wildfire through the whole Shura College in less than a day. Many men were wondering who the mysterious man was and how he won the heart of the famous beauty so quickly.

On her end, Polly didn't bother to answer anyone's questions. She knew that in the end, they would believe what they wanted so it would be just wasted effort. Instead, she focused on her recovery.

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