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   Chapter 263 Help Polly

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"This beast looks powerful! Mimi, give me data on this beast." Zachary observed the beast with careful eyes. It resembled a rhinoceros and had six thick feet that looked sturdy and strong. A long, rough horn protruded from its head. It was easy to tell that it was very powerful.

"It's a Giant Horned Beast, a martial beast known for its strength and defensive power. It's currently at the medium stage of King Level. Its high defensive power comes from its tough skin which makes it very difficult to injure," Mimi said in a sweet voice.

'No wonder Polly can't beat it, ' Zachary pondered. At the moment, Polly was at a disadvantage. Although she was struggling to fight with all her strength, she still couldn't hurt the Giant Horned Beast.

Still, he didn't step forward to help her. Instead, he stood aside and watched the show. He noticed during their battle that she was quite powerful. He could tell before they fought, but it was more amazing upfront and personal.

Now, Polly seemed a little exhausted. It could be because the battle had been going on for a while. Amazingly, the Giant Horned Beast grew more ferocious as time went. It also fought intelligently as it continued to lead her into a corner until it successfully trapped her in a small area.

Fifteen minutes passed and her martial energy depleted sharply from overuse. Exhausted as she was, she began to let her guard down. She cried out in pain as the sharp horn of the beast hit her thigh.

Polly hastily limped away, pale and unsteady on her feet. Her face was shadowed and serious as she surveyed the area around her. The huge body of the Giant Horned Beast had blocked her way out completely. With her injured leg, she was in danger's door.

Suddenly, a figure swooped down and attacked the martial beast. Sword radiance shone and sword shadows spread in the air. They turned into a fierce sword aura that shrouded the huge beast in the blink of an eye.

The beast was caught unaware with its full attention on Polly. By the time it saw the attack, it was too late.

It could do nothing under th

ound on her right leg. He massaged it carefully with gentle fingers. Polly's beautiful face contorted in pain. She bit her lips to silence any noise of pain that could escape.

"It seems that you have a fracture. Let me administer first aid for you," Zachary told her, before he swiftly stood up to look around. He picked up several thick wood branches nearby and pulled a piece of vine from a vine-covered tree. With all these in hand, he walked back to Polly's side.

"It might be a little bit painful, but you have to endure it." With firm but careful movements so as not to aggravate her injury, he tied up several wooden branches with the vine and fixed them on her thigh. He tugged it quickly to tie the knot.

"Aargh!" Polly cried out in pain from the sudden pressure on her wound. She bit her pink lips and looked at Zachary, embarrassed. After all, she had always been strong and independent. She had never been cared for like this by anybody, nor had she been this vulnerable in front of anyone.

"It's normal to feel pain unless your body is made of iron," Zachary quipped to make her feel better. He grinned at her in a silly, sunny way and she couldn't help but smile back.

Polly playfully rolled her eyes at his lame joke. Thanks to him, she didn't feel as awkward now. She asked him curiously, "Are you also a disciple of Shura College? I haven't seen you before."

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