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   Chapter 261 The Coed Dormitory

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Of course, if a warrior's talent was not that satisfactory, then it would be hard for them to become a qualified weapon refiner. After all, a warrior's cultivation level was the foundation of their weapon refining level.

The disciples of the Shura College mainly focused on the weapon refining skills. If they couldn't refine weapons, they would be laughed at by everyone. So, in the Shura College, most of the disciples could use the skills to make weapons and even regarded such skills more important than the cultivation level.

Tracy and Owen purposefully introduced the main areas of the Shura College, such as the material room, the weapon refining room, the training field, and so on, to Zachary and the other nine disciples coming from the Celestial College. But apparently, most of its facilities were actually the same as those of the Celestial College. The only difference was that men and women coexisted in the accommodation area of Shura College to the extent that many of them lived under the same roof. They were separated by a wall at most, and some of them even shared the same room.

"I never expected that the male disciples of Shura College are so lucky!" Zachary couldn't help but sigh with appreciation. There was a dreamy look on his face.

"By the way, since our college has limited rooms, we can only arrange two rooms for your group of ten disciples. Fortunately, each room can accommodate five people," Tracy said while turning to Zachary and other disciples.

Everyone froze on their spot. Considering there were only two rooms, it unmistakably implied that the ten disciples had to share them. Thus, the eight male disciples, including Zachary, whose minds were already miles away, all immediately turned their attention to the only two female disciples, Queenie and Rebecca.

"No! Absolutely not. I won't live with them!" Queenie was the first one to protest. She definitely hated the idea of room sharing with these bunch of male disciples.

Though not saying anything, Rebecca merely nodded to show her agreement. If she had to live with these nasty men, she would rather live out in the wild.

"Is there no other place for us to live?" Queenie probed immediately, hoping that there was still an option left.

"It's customary in our college that males and females live in the coed dormitory. This tradition is in practice to surely eliminate the discrimination between men and women and to exercise equality in treating one another. Besides, our college has

lso a part of their cultivation. Although you are our guests coming from a long distance, starting from tomorrow onwards, you will also train and cultivate as the disciples of our college." Tracy immediately resumed the posture of a master and firmly emphasized it.

"We come here for learning weapon refining skills, not for farm work. Do you think we are easy to bully?" Alger murmured but he enunciated every word.

"Alger, stop talking nonsense!" Scott shortly reproached in a low voice.

Thus, Alger quit talking at once.

However, Tracy and Owen didn't seem to be offended by his grumble. They merely let it pass and Tracy continued, "You can have a rest today. We will come here tomorrow." Then, they left side by side in an unhurried manner.

As soon as the two masters left, Alger whined, "The Shura College doesn't want us to learn their weapon refining skills. Obviously, they are deliberately making things difficult for us. They want us to give up because of these difficulties. It's so insidious!"

Other disciples nodded in agreement, too. Only Zachary, Scott, and Nelson didn't say anything. They chose to remain silent.

"How about that room?" Queenie asked Rebecca as she pointed to one of the rooms in the farmyard.

"Okay," Rebecca readily agreed without any objection.

Then the two girls strolled in with their luggage in tow.

Meanwhile, Zachary was about to follow them into the room. He was also eager to rest for a while. But as soon as he reached the door, Queenie suddenly turned around, pointed at him, and whispered, "Don't blame me for not warning you. If you dare step into this room, you'll pay for the consequence!"

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